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Great work guys, super-excited to see this!

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Yes, I realized that a couple of hours after posting. Great job and good luck!

Mostly ways manipulate the draw and discard piles, look for certain cards in them, et cetera. Maybe the ability to add temporary cards to the deck, which are removed at the end of battle.

Since Slay the Spire is such a massive influence to the deckbuilder genre, I'd simply copy everything look for inspiration there!

So, a mini hands-on review: great plugin, delivers what it promises reasonably well. I really hope the devs continue working on it and add some kind of a deck builder scene, as well as more mechanics inspired by the CCGs we all know and love.

I second that. I'd really love to be able to use some kind of Deck Builder scene.

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Hello, amazing-looking plugin. What I'd like to ask is whether it's compatible with Yanfly's variety of battle plugins.

If I'm understanding this correctly, cards are technically skills. Does the plugin alter the way skills work, besides what's available to be used at the time?

Hey there! The visuals look amazing, I really like your work! Player experience - wise, however, I think this game achieves the exact opposite from what you're saying.

As a player, you don't pay attention to the good thoughts - it's the bad ones you have to focus on. A couple minutes into it, I found myself completely ignoring anything positive, and struggling not to be overcome by the negative ones. 

Other than that, great work!

Titanic brainfart on my part - sorry.