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Ah, most probably. I am using the new Unity HDRP rendering pipeline. It is pretty fresh and still officially in experimental phase, so it's possible it might not work on some systems. Can you send me the log to It might say something about this issue. The log should be in 'C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Nothke\TrailsOfTenere\output_log.txt'

I have sent you the log file. 

It says "WARNING: Shader Unsupported: " and  "ERROR: Shader Shader is not supported on this GPU"

So it is actually about pixel/vertex shader versions.

Thanks! Yeah... It must be GPU related, unfortunately. I had no idea. I will try to get a clarification from Unity. Sorry :(

No need to be sorry man. I am a programmer as well and I know how this sort of small things pop up from time to time. Your game looks, plays and sounds awesome, I wish you the best of luck with the development, cheers!