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Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it!
No promises but I will definitely look into porting the game to Linux :)

Very cool.

Looks great. The art is beautiful.

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Thank you very much for the support. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying it!


Nice video, thanks a lot for including Cozy Days!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Great stuff.

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Great stuff. Really liked the pixel art too.

It works after double-clicking on the theme. I didn't know that I had to active it from the theme tab, thanks for letting me know!

I am using v1.3-rc2-x64 (STEAM version) running on Windows 10. There's no actual crash but as soon as I hit the "Apply" or "OK" buttons under the extensions tab a text with a checkbox appears on the main window. But other than that nothing happens. No crashes, no changes to the UI. I just checked again and that checkbox with text appearing on the main window seem to have nothing to do with your extension. It seems to happen regardless win95 skin extension is installed or not.  But it doesn't do any changes to the UI either.

Doesn't work for me as well. I get the "Share crash data with Aseprite developer" prompt on the top right of the window when I activate the extension and then nothing seems to happen.

Pretty fun game, really enjoyed it.

Plus I am also using FNA to make games and that was cool to find out that you also used FNA :)


Excellent work.


This is great!

Thank you very much for the support! 

I am happy to hear you are enjoying it, happy typing!

Thanks a lot for the support! Glad to hear you liked it, enjoy!

Thanks a lot for the support! I am happy to hear that you liked it.

Happy typing!

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Thanks a lot for the support! I am glad to hear that you liked it, enjoy! :)

Forgot to add it, thanks for letting me know!

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I released my keyboard sound tool (4DKeys) that plays various sound samples as you type for a more engaging and fun typing experience. 

Happy typing!

Bryce 3D was on of the first 3D software I used back in late 90's.
Nice renders, they have that nostalgic Bryce touch to them.

Very cool gameplay, visuals, sound and music.

Awesome stuff!

Cool stuff.

Looks amazing!

Very cool game!

Thank you very much, I am very happy to hear you are enjoying it!

Have a cozy day! :)

Thank you very much for the support!  

Glad to hear you liked it :)

Excellent stuff!

Very nice driving mechanics!

Thanks a lot! I am glad you enjoyed it! ❤

Reminds me of Lotus. Nice work!

Amazing work! Reminds me of the game Hi-Octane.

Awesome to see a DOS game! It looks amazing.

Great tool, thanks for sharing!

Great tutorial!

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The visual style and gameplay feel are amazing.

Best of luck with your project!