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I loved the concept! A small improvement in gameplay I can suggest, if you want to take this project a bit further, is to match "genes". I mean, you can mate with a flying being, then your next generation will have wings, then this generation mate with a horn being, the next gen has wings and horn, and so on...kinda of stacking the features.

Also, I dunno if the level design was made by hand, congrats on that! Something I'd suggest to avoid: large non "game-ish" parts. What I mean is that there are a lot of walking and nothing happening. Remember Scott Rogers tips on level design: "walking is not a mechanic" :P maybe a smaller level or even some enemies could help you fix that.

Also, thanks for the mention! Tell me what you think about the platform mechanics when you have some time <3


Thank you for the feedback, and of course thanks a lot for your platformer implentation! :)

In the current prototype, two mating beings generate three children according to a random genetic combination of their abilities. It is possible to stack all abilities in a single being, but there's also the possibility of losing an ability in the next generation. We wanted to have three different characters to choose from each generation, and we also wanted to make them "adapt" to an environment rather than become all-powerful beings. :) The current implementation is not ideal though, leaving some players baffled about what happened to their wings... Let's see if we can improve that in the future! We also have in mind way more abilities...

The huge map is indeed made by hand, but as you could experience is not finished. Not by a long stretch. :D That is the reason behind the never-ending emptiness, we didn't want that by design.

Ohh awesome! You know there is a lot of potential for this prototype, right? Keep it up, I'll follow all the devlogs for this one <3