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After playing a few levels, I'm quite enjoying this platformer, quite in the same way as Lollipop: I'm not doing too great so far but I'm sure that with some practice I'll be able to master the controls & enemy patterns :D

My only issue so far is with the controls mapping. I think they are getting in the way for no particular reason, which is ok for a jam game but is quite strange here:

  • Not allowing Enter nor Space by default to navigate menus is weird for a PC game. In 2018 we shouldn't be supposed to check the readme to learn how to navigate the menu :P
  • Not saving settings, ie. making us redo the mapping upon every game launch is weird too.
  • You should probably have a default mapping for controllers. I'm sure setting some sensible defaults based on the XBox gamepad would cover most players' needs (I've done this on all my gamepad-friendly jam entries and never had any remarks).

Also overall I'd say don't be afraid to support multiple keys for the same action. Unless you have plenty of different actions to map, it's cheap to let people, say, go left by default with any of Left Arrow + Q + A (AZERTY keyboards) + Left joystick + Left gamepad arrow.

Anyway nice job on this nice little platformer, and congrats on the well-deserved successful launch :D

The controls are going to be slightly updated in the next update. You can map up and jump separately. Also, for some reason, Pygame changes the mapping every few times for the same controller, so I can’t save mappings for it (or make defaults).

YAY you heard my prayer!

That’s what this feedback thread is for. :P