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No idea if it's any good, but I got to 164 on today's level. I like this puzzle game concept, it's simple and relaxing but there's tactics to it. All it lacks for true replayability is a daily leaderboard!

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Great work! The puzzles really fit the atmosphere, and apart from the very first puzzle which I only partially understood (still randomly won it eventually), the rest has a hard but fair balancing of difficulty.

Of course the standout part remains the graphical achievements, with awesome visual effects during the mini cutscenes and that looping level. I really like the 3D/2D style you've polished over the jams too, all the different environments were pleasing to watch and interact with.

Btw I was playing Modeselektor - Extended (2021) during my playthrough which felt like the perfect soundtrack :)


In case someone got here too late for submitting their entry to this event, I just asked host toastio to reopen them, it should be done soon.



I flipped my omelette like 4 times

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Alakajam! holds its jams on its own (homemade and open-source!) website hosted at

See the infographic below for a summary of how the jam works, and here's a few useful links:

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After playing a few levels, I'm quite enjoying this platformer, quite in the same way as Lollipop: I'm not doing too great so far but I'm sure that with some practice I'll be able to master the controls & enemy patterns :D

My only issue so far is with the controls mapping. I think they are getting in the way for no particular reason, which is ok for a jam game but is quite strange here:

  • Not allowing Enter nor Space by default to navigate menus is weird for a PC game. In 2018 we shouldn't be supposed to check the readme to learn how to navigate the menu :P
  • Not saving settings, ie. making us redo the mapping upon every game launch is weird too.
  • You should probably have a default mapping for controllers. I'm sure setting some sensible defaults based on the XBox gamepad would cover most players' needs (I've done this on all my gamepad-friendly jam entries and never had any remarks).

Also overall I'd say don't be afraid to support multiple keys for the same action. Unless you have plenty of different actions to map, it's cheap to let people, say, go left by default with any of Left Arrow + Q + A (AZERTY keyboards) + Left joystick + Left gamepad arrow.

Anyway nice job on this nice little platformer, and congrats on the well-deserved successful launch :D

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A fun & lovely little game! I was a fan of the ending in particular.

The way the frames pass by make it a quite slow-paced platformer, which is a bit perplexing at first, but has its charm & we eventually get used to it. The music contributes to set a relaxed mood :)

Still, some of the harder levels can get frustrating, so maybe making the frames switch faster, or making them controlled by the player would have been more comfortable.

Other than that, how you turned the "getting stuck in walls" thing into an actual mechanic is a great idea.

I also would be interested in reading how you implemented the smooth frame transitions.

Nice work once again!

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I did it! It takes a while to get used to jump blindly, but then it gets easier :) Nice job with that game