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A fun & lovely little game! I was a fan of the ending in particular.

The way the frames pass by make it a quite slow-paced platformer, which is a bit perplexing at first, but has its charm & we eventually get used to it. The music contributes to set a relaxed mood :)

Still, some of the harder levels can get frustrating, so maybe making the frames switch faster, or making them controlled by the player would have been more comfortable.

Other than that, how you turned the "getting stuck in walls" thing into an actual mechanic is a great idea.

I also would be interested in reading how you implemented the smooth frame transitions.

Nice work once again!

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I did it! It takes a while to get used to jump blindly, but then it gets easier :) Nice job with that game

My idea: Instead of having a single theme, all entrants get a unique theme from the list of the most upvoted suggestions.

  • It adds a fun social aspect "hey look at the theme I got, what's yours?"
  • It keep things fresh while rating other people's games
  • One thing I think helped make LD successful is how theme suggestion/voting builds the hype for the event. Plus it puts everyone into "game ideas mode" a few days before the jam. So keeping that aspect of LD would be useful.
NB. To make this even more different from LD, maybe it could be about imposing a game title rather than a theme? Not sure if it would be better or not

Great, thanks.

Indeed it totally makes sense for Itch.io to have its own jam, but hosting Ludum Dare in particular would be a major change in the event's life, so it feels best to have the community leaders decide first.

Maybe there's a cool variation to find on the LD rules/calendar to make Itch.io's jam have its own DNA?

Created a new topic What if LD36 happens?
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Thanks for setting this up, it's nice to see how close itch.io is to the Ludum Dare community! I'm starting with the hard questions:

What if LD36 eventually happens? While PoV said he wouldn't host the next LD, movement has started (led by Sorceress) to maybe take things over. As explained on one of her posts, one of the options is indeed to host the game jam elsewhere (chances are it would be here :P), but nothing has been completely decided yet.

I'm not speaking in the name of the community, but after speaking to Sorceress it seems like the plan is to leave the poll open for a bit (maybe the week-end) and then take an official decision. Having itch.io give us the option to host things here is great, but if the community decides to host LD as usual, do you think you'll cancel Itch dare?

Thanks for clearing things up