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it's been disabled temporarily while I sort stuff out with the BeatSaver staff

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I was previously waiting for a response from the Beat Saver devs, but I never got one, so I just released the working build today.

Should be working now.

See the devlog for more info.

EDIT: I've taken down the downloads because they appear to have banned my user agent. This was likely a mistake (I've had similar issues with ScoreSaber in the past).

It says in the description that Beat Saver is blocking requests. I’m working on a fix.

I use Aseprite now. lol

I make hard games. lol

If you're specifying color properly, it shouldn't crash (which is why I mentioned the manual). Although I've never even had it crash when I've messed up the colors.

There is no built in way to  resize the window, but I think I had originally written it to be capable of resizing, so you can probably resize if you're willing to modify the source.

read manual.txt

There should be a under the data folder. Also, I'm pretty sure it's "as text" and not "as data".

it sounds like you're running the wrong file or something.

You can't move after you start (or restart) a level until after you land.

Sounds like an issue with your IDE. If the executable works and the source works in IDLE, it's on your end.

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The navigation issue sounds odd. Super Potato Bruh and Drawn Down Abyss have very similar controller code.

I just took a look at the code for both, it turns out that Drawn Down Abyss actually has a very high threshold for joystick movement detection, so the issue may not be drift. Aside from that, there's really not much different between the two games other than the way the controller data is stored.

It also seems odd that I wouldn't have heard about the issue until now. I believe quite a few people have played with xbox controllers already (the controller I use should be pretty much the same as well). I'm a bit lost on what the issue could be.

EDIT: I noticed that you didn't specify what you did when it asked you about which joystick you wanted for movement. If you don't remember it asking you, I suspect you've got a trigger (or a joystick) that triggered the configuration and registered itself. If that's the case, I'd press you triggers and move both of your joysticks and see if that does anything. Otherwise, I'm guessing you're using the left joystick, right?

I don't know what you mean by "can't navigate as can in Super Potato Bruh". Running to the left sounds like a drift issue on your joystick. This would be a hardware issue that can manifest differently in different software. Drawn Down Abyss has a pretty low threshold for movement if I recall correctly, so if your joystick is drifting, then the game might pick it up easier than most games. The other possibility is that somehow your inputs are getting stuck. If quickly pressing the movement key and moving the joystick in the direction of the automatic movement doesn't fix the issue, it's likely a drift issue.

I might. I've been wanting to do a series on VFX tricks I use.

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I drew it.

If you're talking about the text on this itch page, it's an option in the theme settings.

This was written in Pygame 2, not 1.9.x, although this issue appears unrelated. Looks like you've got the file locations messed up some how.

I work for $30/hr.

It's 7 levels.

Aeroblaster is written using some features unique to Pygame 2.

Either you somehow downloaded the wrong thing or your antivirus is wrong. If you're concerned about viruses, just use the source. You can read every bit of code and there's not that much.

I typically don’t update my game jam games.

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Try launching from the command line so that you can see the error. Usually the errors people run into are either permission errors because the script doesn't have perms to access the BS folder (usually because it's a different drive) or file not found errors because the path to people's BS directories is wrong. It works fine for me and many others atm.

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Thanks for these suggestions. They're very good and I'd be likely to implement them in an update. :D

As for whether or not it's infinite, it's not. There's a bar on the left of the UI that shows you how far down you are and how close you are to the end. After you've beaten the game, there's an option to play to infinite depths. The end is at 3000m. (It gets pretty crazy in the 2000s.)

I was planning on updating the game if people liked it. I'd also like to add Steam achievements some time in the future. I think the main issue is that the rate at which new cards appear is a bit low. Once you get to the later levels (around 2,000m+), the gameplay itself becomes rather different because of all the chaos. The gameplay was mostly meant to change through the use of different decks though. I've also considered adding boss fights (and other special events) on top of adding more things to do within the levels. So far, the core mechanics have been received pretty well, so I'll probably make some updates if things continue to go well. ^-^

Get it here!

Drawn Down Abyss is a roguelite platformer card game with a focus on action. You travel down The Abyss while using your custom built deck to defend yourself from the local wildlife.

Please leave any suggestions or questions you may have here.

The update should actually be out right now.

Just delete the save_dir file and run the tool again. It'll ask you to specify the Beat Saber directory again.


Spellcaster's Forest is a weird mashup between bullet hells and games with magic based combat. The GIFs and images explain it best.

I made it for the 5th Alakajam with the theme "Spellcasting." I somehow managed to squeeze in 2 boss fights on top of the normal levels within the 48 hours given.

I don't think the ScoreSaber API (the interface with ScoreSaber itself) allows for those types of requests. All of the sorting options in the tool are what the ScoreSaber API allows me to do. You could download every ranked song by getting the total and entering that. The ScoreSaber API is missing documentation (or I can't find it) and I don't have a good way to find the total number of ranked songs using scripts. If I could, I could just make it work backwards from there.

Super Potato Bruh runs entirely on the CPU in a lot of cases. Although I’m a bit surprised that it couldn’t use your GTX 770. It’s able to make use of my GTX 1060.

The resolution the game is set to before fullscreening affects how things look and run. The highest resolution doesn’t always look the best for whatever reason, so I recommend messing around with it. You should be able to run it fullscreen if you set it to the lowest (or second lowest) resolution before fullscreening.

There is. It’s in the options.

I want to see grow and I've been selling my games to a decent amount of people who have never used the platform before. I would love to see a statistic that showed what percentage of users who bought (or downloaded) a game were first timers. :D

I wanted to make an Aseprite alternative that works more efficiently with my workflow. Px Editor is the result. :D

It includes things like animation, layers, and selection tools.

Check it out here:

That depends on other factors (like the source of your traffic).

The game jam’s theme was “Falling”, so it was meant to be the core of the game. A jam is where you make a game in a short amount of time and the tournament is where people compete for high scores in game jam games.

I use Pyinstaller for Linux, but I use cx_freeze for Windows. I’ve tried Pyinstaller on Mac, but it doesn’t work.

Spike Dungeon is a roguelite game in which you try to get as far down as you can. The dungeon is full of spikes, spiky enemies, and of course, you -- the spiky tortoise thing. Collect gold and buy items to help you get further down!

Play it here!

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The game was actually inspired by a bunch of random games. Then I noticed that it was basically Downwell. xD

It should work on Linux with Python 3 and Pygame. (Python 3 should come with Linux.)

Also, there should be a Linux version of the game if it is part of the next AKJ Tournament. (I think it’s December)