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it's CC0, so you can use it for anything with no attribution required. (public domain)

maybe in a few years

for the map? no

No, you can't change it. There are extra window bind parameters you would need to run it on Mac (which you would have to mod the game for).

if it's below 3.3, the game isn't supposed to work

what version of OpenGL do you have?

Yeah, that's the end. I didn't have time to do a full ending. Finished with 3 mins left.

It should only take 20-30 minutes to beat, so I didn't think it would be necessary.

That's probably either a local issue or a Windows 11 issue considering nobody else has mentioned it yet. I can't reproduce it, but I just uploaded a patch that might fix the issue for you.

I didn’t post it there, but thanks for checking it out!

Completing the game is a bit of a puzzle. There is a way to win.

I still plan on making a second version (a complete overhaul) of this. For that I will use GitHub. I wouldn't expect to see that until next year at the earliest though.


iirc, it's specifically graphics related stuff that's very different, so the actual buttons and logic should be more reliable.

I've talked to some of the Pygame developers about it (this has been occurring with my other projects when people try to run it on Mac) and supposedly the lower level stuff that SDL (which is what Pygame runs on) is interfacing with for Macs is completely different from what Windows/Linux use. This ends up causing a bunch of inconsistencies.

It's not meant to run on Mac.

You'll probably have to mod the tool for your operating system then.

There is. It's just the other download (labeled "Explon't Windows").

he really felt that


No. You can run the source code if you install the dependencies though.

It's basically just a shortcut to start the game since the main executable can't be moved and needs to be in a folder with tons of other files.

it might be "python -m pip install pygame" or "python3 -m pip install pygame"

It works on linux if you just use the source code. It's written in Python, so you just gotta install Pygame.

Yeah I think so, but iirc it should be compatible with 1.9.x. I think I wrote it in 1.9.x and upgraded in the final build for the performance boost.

This game was made with Pygame 1.9.x before Pygame 2 was even released. I don't think it's compatible.

As of November 19th, 2021, the tool is functional again. The BeatSaver ownership got transferred and the tool was unbanned.

No, it's a short game.

Just run the source. It's not hard to install the dependencies on Linux.

It changed ownership recently, but the old owners never unbanned the application. I might be able to get it sorted out with the new owners though.

if you run the executable from the command line, you can see the error, but I've never heard of this happening before

Are you running the executable or the source? Also, are you on a 32 or 64 bit computer?

The ownership of BeatSaver just transferred, so I may be able to get it unblocked. The old owners didn't like me.

This got put on hold btw. Too busy with other projects, but I may pick it back up in a couple years.

technically it’s all rights reserved, but you can use it as a reference

some of my games have very unrestrictive licenses (most notably, Aeroblaster).

Maybe in the future when I have other better paid games, but I'm still getting ~$45/mo off of this.

It's not just screenshots. In some versions of the malware, they actually just wrap my games with it. (This happened with both Aeroblaster and Shifting Edge) Thanks for the heads up though.