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Yeah I think so, but iirc it should be compatible with 1.9.x. I think I wrote it in 1.9.x and upgraded in the final build for the performance boost.

This game was made with Pygame 1.9.x before Pygame 2 was even released. I don't think it's compatible.

As of November 19th, 2021, the tool is functional again. The BeatSaver ownership got transferred and the tool was unbanned.

No, it's a short game.

Just run the source. It's not hard to install the dependencies on Linux.

It changed ownership recently, but the old owners never unbanned the application. I might be able to get it sorted out with the new owners though.

if you run the executable from the command line, you can see the error, but I've never heard of this happening before

Are you running the executable or the source? Also, are you on a 32 or 64 bit computer?

The ownership of BeatSaver just transferred, so I may be able to get it unblocked. The old owners didn't like me.

This got put on hold btw. Too busy with other projects, but I may pick it back up in a couple years.

technically it’s all rights reserved, but you can use it as a reference

some of my games have very unrestrictive licenses (most notably, Aeroblaster).

Maybe in the future when I have other better paid games, but I'm still getting ~$45/mo off of this.

It's not just screenshots. In some versions of the malware, they actually just wrap my games with it. (This happened with both Aeroblaster and Shifting Edge) Thanks for the heads up though.

it was made in 48 hours, there's no time to write pretty code

It should be covered in the documentation.

There actually is coyote time in this game. It's 4 frames.

No. The game was packaged using PyInstaller, which converts Python scripts to executables by including the entire Python interpreter in the executable. PyInstaller is frequently used to create viruses, so many antiviruses mistakenly mark the data from the Python interpreter in PyInstaller executables as a virus even though any application made with PyInstaller will package the Python interpreter.

TLDR: It's a false flag. You can always use the source code if you're worried about it.

It’s 300x200 scaled up. Itch shows the filesize though 

Sounds odd... Are you attempting to run the source by any chance? It’s made in Pygame 2, so a lot of people will have issues with the source.


Not yet. Planning on sending them another message soon-ish.

probably depends on your python/pickle/pygame version

it's been disabled temporarily while I sort stuff out with the BeatSaver staff

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I was previously waiting for a response from the Beat Saver devs, but I never got one, so I just released the working build today.

Should be working now.

See the devlog for more info.

EDIT: I've taken down the downloads because they appear to have banned my user agent. This was likely a mistake (I've had similar issues with ScoreSaber in the past).

It says in the description that Beat Saver is blocking requests. I’m working on a fix.

I use Aseprite now. lol

I make hard games. lol

If you're specifying color properly, it shouldn't crash (which is why I mentioned the manual). Although I've never even had it crash when I've messed up the colors.

There is no built in way to  resize the window, but I think I had originally written it to be capable of resizing, so you can probably resize if you're willing to modify the source.

read manual.txt

There should be a under the data folder. Also, I'm pretty sure it's "as text" and not "as data".

it sounds like you're running the wrong file or something.

You can't move after you start (or restart) a level until after you land.

Sounds like an issue with your IDE. If the executable works and the source works in IDLE, it's on your end.

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The navigation issue sounds odd. Super Potato Bruh and Drawn Down Abyss have very similar controller code.

I just took a look at the code for both, it turns out that Drawn Down Abyss actually has a very high threshold for joystick movement detection, so the issue may not be drift. Aside from that, there's really not much different between the two games other than the way the controller data is stored.

It also seems odd that I wouldn't have heard about the issue until now. I believe quite a few people have played with xbox controllers already (the controller I use should be pretty much the same as well). I'm a bit lost on what the issue could be.

EDIT: I noticed that you didn't specify what you did when it asked you about which joystick you wanted for movement. If you don't remember it asking you, I suspect you've got a trigger (or a joystick) that triggered the configuration and registered itself. If that's the case, I'd press you triggers and move both of your joysticks and see if that does anything. Otherwise, I'm guessing you're using the left joystick, right?

I don't know what you mean by "can't navigate as can in Super Potato Bruh". Running to the left sounds like a drift issue on your joystick. This would be a hardware issue that can manifest differently in different software. Drawn Down Abyss has a pretty low threshold for movement if I recall correctly, so if your joystick is drifting, then the game might pick it up easier than most games. The other possibility is that somehow your inputs are getting stuck. If quickly pressing the movement key and moving the joystick in the direction of the automatic movement doesn't fix the issue, it's likely a drift issue.

I might. I've been wanting to do a series on VFX tricks I use.

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I drew it.

If you're talking about the text on this itch page, it's an option in the theme settings.

This was written in Pygame 2, not 1.9.x, although this issue appears unrelated. Looks like you've got the file locations messed up some how.

It's 7 levels.

Aeroblaster is written using some features unique to Pygame 2.