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I'm kind of torn on this one.  I think you'll see in the video, as I started to progress and the layering started to happen, I got a huge smile on my face, which instantly and irrevocably melted away with trying to manage the boat and rhythm together.  It just seemed overly difficult for how chill and relaxing the atmosphere was.  It was really frustrating having to go back to the beginning of the song ever time I missed a beat or tried to help correct my boat.  I would suggest an auditory cue for hitting the buttons... I'm personally not a fan of visual cues for this kind of game... That or make the visual cue more clear, like giving us additional points of reference for beats.  The river too, I think could load in more soon, to give it a more seemless look!

Great work overall though!

I actually had the river loading in early, but then I made it load in "on time" so a new part of river will appear in time with the next beat. But yeah this kind of ruined the seamlessness ... 

Maybe there's a visually striking way of doing this, with some special effects that could maybe not be seamless but sort of interesting and fun.  Like loading the water in before hand and having the landscape sort of animate in.  There's a lot of room for fun here =D

Yeah! I agree, there could be lots to explore.