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Sadly it does in this version, but we'll be working on a deluxe version with a lot more content later on! 


Good to know thanks, maybe include a (pst, the demo is now over!) message on the gravestone instead of what sounds like an admonishment for playing the game. Didn't want to waste time walking into the wall over and over. Looking forward to future updates!


We tried giving some kind of message at the end like that dude always wanna go forward without looking back but in the end you'll just get stuck if you don't take the time to look back a bit, but yeah the problem is then it confuses some players. The final game will have a proper end though! 


Yeah, in general trying to philosophise about something you're actively encouraging players to do as a part of the challenge and fun of the game, and in general *punishing* players for engaging with your produce, never works out. Unless of course, you make it quite tongue in cheek - like

~It's a shame the hero could never look back~

~~Now he's trapped forevermore~~

~~~(psst that's the end guys! thanks for playing)~~~

Which makes it clear.


You're so right, there definitely would have been better ways to end it, I shall update that with one of your propositions, it's just that we were only left with a few minutes to put an ending and well didn't think hard enough! 


Jolly good, I look forward to the full release.