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Windows keyed out and killed it in task manager when the game locked progress behind picking one of nine asinine character portraits. A deep failure as a role-playing exercise, utterly unsympathetic from a neutral assessment, and entirely unnecessary to the gameplay. Everything was acceptable to that point. Cut that out as unneeded and unsalvageable.

Jolly good, I look forward to the full release.

Yeah, in general trying to philosophise about something you're actively encouraging players to do as a part of the challenge and fun of the game, and in general *punishing* players for engaging with your produce, never works out. Unless of course, you make it quite tongue in cheek - like

~It's a shame the hero could never look back~

~~Now he's trapped forevermore~~

~~~(psst that's the end guys! thanks for playing)~~~

Which makes it clear.

Good to know thanks, maybe include a (pst, the demo is now over!) message on the gravestone instead of what sounds like an admonishment for playing the game. Didn't want to waste time walking into the wall over and over. Looking forward to future updates!

Good stuff! The movement-highlighting prediction mechanic sounds like a fine choice as well. I'll keep an eye on this and look forward to future releases.

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I take my hat off to this, not only for the mechanics but also for the simple intrigue behind each level design. From Level 5 onwards each stage has some little "ahaaaa!" or "gatcha!" moment, even if it's as simple as planning out a moderately balanced route for two cars just to see them crash into each other straight away. I did encounter a glitch on level 9, where a clockwise pillar froze and would not move or be deleted. All in all a cracking game, and the mellow and calming soundtrack perfectly balances its, well, balancing gameplay.

Lots of fun, would really benefit from a level select screen and multiple available levels at a time, in case you get bored/frustrated with one level.

Really nice and smooth mechanics, slick presentation and great game feel. At times frustrating, some ironing out in the clicking mechanics. The projectile shooting enemies should not look spiky, I wasted a while trying to trick it into blowng itself up because I thought touching it would be bad. There's one level which, unlike the others that I cleared intuitively in one or two goes, I spent ages make little progress until I won it by accident (the crab monsters suicided). Kinks to be ironed out in a great little game.

Really fun and weird, Wario Ware esque

No comments so far? Strange, because this game is very fun. It needs a high-score saver and more levels, and maybe different attributes for different stages - for instance, Level 2 could be called "Prawns" and requires a diagonal.

Really well done, much better than it seems at first in fact! Very well polished stuff.

Very good, some fiendish designs here

Pretty good all things considered, this cries out for more levels!

Brilliant, if very difficult/slightly tedious

Am I missing something or does the game just end with the grave stone admonishing you for not turning back?

I'm also commenting for free and thus don't really have the patience to go through the entire game. The mistake are not difficult to rectify, but you need to take responsibility for that. Don't be discouraged.

Good fun, great m

This is a fantastic game and has insane mileage for future development

Creator's poor grasp of English hinders a text based adventure. Consider hiring a proof-reader.

This is really clever, top marks

Seems like the maker's got a chip on their shoulder, tbh.