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Really nice and smooth mechanics, slick presentation and great game feel. At times frustrating, some ironing out in the clicking mechanics. The projectile shooting enemies should not look spiky, I wasted a while trying to trick it into blowng itself up because I thought touching it would be bad. There's one level which, unlike the others that I cleared intuitively in one or two goes, I spent ages make little progress until I won it by accident (the crab monsters suicided). Kinks to be ironed out in a great little game.

Thanks for playing!

I have been working on this after the game jam, and I've already made the shooting enemies not spiky, and tried to make a system to predict what the player was clicking on. So hopefully the movement flows a bit better and people won't miss things so often.

Good stuff! The movement-highlighting prediction mechanic sounds like a fine choice as well. I'll keep an eye on this and look forward to future releases.