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I am not really good with shmup, the last one I played was Tyrian 2000 decades ago, so I'm definitely not the intended target audience, but I have to say this game is wild! On my initial play through, I was not sure what was happening as I collected the first set of people. and that's when the action kicked in. Fast game play, cheesy music, fantasy art - felt like the right concoction.

Couple of things I did take notice -

  • Once I jumped into the game, I hardly used the keyboard controls. Just jammed the mouse buttons for shoot for the rest of the game.
  • I didn't get the hang of focus shot.
  • Since this is an early build, Im assuming the level balance will come in later
  • The unarmed or defeated enemies were a bit difficult to read, again assuming this will be addressed once you have an artist
  • The rest of the comments are game play only, but I think Im going to avoid it as this is an early build
Looking forward to the next update, IoriBranford
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Thanks. For now all control types are available to test them out, but eventually I want to make you choose one and stick with it throughout the playthrough.

Focus shot is a mode geared more towards weaving through tight bullet volleys and less on assault. You move slower so you can put yourself in the precise spot where the coming bullets won't hit, and you can not worry as much about attacking the enemy as your partners attack for you.

The capturable enemy flash I can play with some more for a later build.