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Very cool game, i instantly liked it, it runs really well and is a joy to play. I made a video of some of the games I liked from the AGBIC Jam and included yours, i hope you don't mind. Thanks again!

I enjoyed a lot watching your video! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it. :)


Hi Diego thanks for leaving a message.  I immediately liked your game, it was great fun to play and really well made, reminded me of a game I was addicted to as a kid called Tranz Am by Ultimate.  Thanks again!

I've watched some videos and you are right, the game has some vibes in common!

Also, I didn't find any way to talk you more privately, but I have some older games I developed and not showed them too much which maybe you could be interested to check up. You can DM me through twitter or send me something to if you would like to know more about it!