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Thank you very much :)

Also, I didn't find any way to talk you more privately, but I have some older games I developed and not showed them too much which maybe you could be interested to check up. You can DM me through twitter or send me something to if you would like to know more about it!

I've watched some videos and you are right, the game has some vibes in common!

I enjoyed a lot watching your video! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it. :)

Have you considered making it a Unity 3D Tool?

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Alone by yourself, you find a lost spaceship with some crew which needs your help. Should you help them?


You must solve the puzzles to repair the reactor and help this lost spaceship crew to get free.

The game was made for the Ludum Dare 38 Compo, and it's my first approach to puzzle games. It has some narrative too.

Code, art, music and design are original for the jam.

Hi, Pinkerator!

You should be able to finnish the game in 5 or 10 minutes. I tried to keep it lean.

I'm so happy to see this on youtube. Thanks for the video, Jupiter!

Thank you for playing it :)