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1. My favorite? idk, maybe Reksa? But in the other hand Mitra still makes me goes fangirling so much xD, but with Reksa my fangirling are much worse... specially that the epilogue when they doing this thing called "claiming" if i'm not wrong xD lol... it kinda gives me like a werewolf fantasy or alpha beta omega dynamic things when he claim our character... aaaakkkkk xD so, it's Reksa hehe...

2. well, because I'm an Indonesian, so its kinda makes me curious how the otome game story goes with our culture in it... and really, it makes me satisfied so much xD thank you for making this!!!

3. hmmm... first of all I'm drawn to the game title actually, when I played this, the story was the next thing that catch my eyes, so I keep playing this. And the last will be the art, the art is so amazing that sometimes I don't know how to react... the emotion that really looks natural to them... aahhh xD I fell in love.

4. idk what is happening, but when I'm in the Rama's route, the only choice that I can choose is the one to give him the bomb... maybe i need to do something about it? I didn't use your guide thou in Rama's route, so I think that I do something wrong in the earlier chapter :/ hmmm... I should play it again from the beginning *sigh* eh... gonna do it anyway... can I have a suggestion? why there is no like skip button that takes us to the next choice? this button can only function when the player had read some perticulars part before they decide to start it all over? its just a suggestion thou.. no need to consider it hehe... overall the game is good =w=b

5. sure thing, but i kinda need time to buy it thou :/ I think it will be kinda pricey for rupiah since I think Patreon or kickstarter using dollar *sigh* and I still need to finished my college and find a job ehe... 

thank you for creating this game!

p.s : I'm still thinking what if Purba is being one of the route? Imagine the happy ending they will get, with Purba needs to pays off his sins first and then proclaim love to our main character... and how the story more dark and twisted than Rama but there still have happy moments in there, how our main character have more struggle to knock some sense into him, telling him her past and etc, nah it's just a dream... not gonna happen anyways... But really, he needs a second chance :< Anyway, He kinda remind me of Kagami from Kurobas thou, eh just coincidence maybe...


Hi Reiya Sapphire! Thanks for stopping by and dropping me your review!

1. Oh lol glad to hear you like Reksa's epilogue x'D it's also one of my favorites -and yes! Mitra's route is so sweet, I'm having cavities! Thank you for giving these 2 lots of love ^^-

2. Oooh, sama2 org indo toh x'D makasih ud main ya kak! Jarang2 ada org indo yg mainin *pasar VN d indo masi kurang soalny ><

And no -thank YOU for giving this game a chance!

3. Aww thanks! >\\\< glad to hear you like my art! I still have a lot to learn though, but I'll do my best to improve -especially in the grammar department *cough

4. Yup, Rama's route is tricky so I suggest you to follow my walkthrough >< hmm, if not, the best hint I can give you is: You need to give ALL your attention to Rama. Ignore Mitra and Reksa, because the slightest increase in other's affection meter will result in losing his trust. 

As for the skip button, you only need to press 'ctrl' x'D but for a skip button to directly skip to a choice? I don't know about that, it feels weird to me and it will affect a reader's immersion in the game so... my apologies, but no, I won't have that function ><

5. It's no problem at all, I know how hard and time consuming college could be! Not to mention how dollar still going up these days :'3 

Regardless, thank you for sparing some time to play my game and thank you for giving me your support!*hugs

Thanks again for coming by and see you around!




As for a Purba route...

This is actually one of the reasons why I decided to add an antagonist route in Bermuda, my latest game :")) I also have this strange attraction to antagonists in general so I decided to try and make one there. 

It's hard to write a route where they 'pays off their sins' though, because it's easier said than done *cries* not to mention how stubborn an antagonist character could be. They could adopt a 'no regrets' mood and it will give me a headache :"))

I've closed Winged Ones' book though, so I'll have to disappoint you... But! Maybe you can give Bermuda a try? Here's a fair warning; Bermuda would be a lot darker and not for the faint heart ><;

okay... thanks to you I can finally get a happy ending for Rama's route :> and its make me giddy xD I need mooooooorrreeee this kind of game aaakkkkk... RAMAAAAAA REKSAAAA MITRAAAA TT_TT if they just ever exist in real world *sigh* or our world was like in the game, that be wonderful... tapi aku gak mau ikut perang =3= maunya hidup bahagia aja wkwkwk, aku bingung gak bisa move on dari Reksa atau Rama xD tau ah wkwkwk... grammar department mah emang dari dulu susah wkwkwk, mesti banyak belajar dan disini aku yang ngomong pake bahasa inggris pake feeling xD and wkwkwk I understand why antagonist character would give their creator a headache if there was a route about them, kinda hard adapting the antagonist to the story biar gak melenceng ceritanya, lol... sungguh ku belum bisa move on dr game ini... bagus banget... sekali lagi makasih udah buat game nya xD *hugs*