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What file or files store my progress in the game? I.e., what files should I back up - e.g. in case I do something wrong while trying to upgrade? (Backing up the entire gigabyte-sized folder seems excessive. :D

(I am on Linux.)


The game is saved on two places (one inside the game folder and one outside), even if you delete the original game folder entirely and download as new, your saves will be accesible.

Thanks. The location outside the game folder appears to be: ~/.renpy/ChampionOfRealms-xxxxxx.

I'll add that along with a Linux section to the wiki.

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Idk why ur spamming plz, that's not gonna make me answer faster. Now unlike you I'm going to put enough space so it should say read more so I'm not spoiling things for people who haven't gotten this far.

No, you can't save her. Her death is part of the story. It's a wakeup call for MC and Co to start taking things seriously. He treated the contest like a game, and this is the result.