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You can go through this, if updation fails backup save file from said location and follow remaining process

You can go through this, you can attempt updation but if it fails backup save file from said location and follow remaining process

You are roughly a month or 2 too early asking that question...

click the ? or ! on the right side of the screen, that should highlight its location

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Joggings and picnics are only on sundays, if you had tried other days, the result should had been different (there are few events specific to a weekday, just like there are time dependent events).
But again, did you get Shiela's picnic events even before the girls meeting... Shiela only joins exiles during the meeting!!!!!

possibility for one of the following
1) If you already completed convincing them but option didnt turned green, like it should had possibily a bug (ignorable won't affect further game play), so go trying going to meeting room at morning, should trigger the second event.
2) By seven girls it refers to first seven girls before the assault, make sure you haven't confused with Maeve, after all she also appears to have a room in exile. (Check in all 7 girls cards to see if all their hint says after the meeting) Also, you should talk to them in their rooms atleast once (if you havent already).

don't let her go to job

there is a feather icon (light mode) in its settings, maybe you can try using it, perhaps....

It was random earlier with 30% chance of appearance on noon, since people was having issue finding it, dev made it to be a specific day with chance of occurrence to 100%. Its was updated around last October.

its friday or thursday not on sunday

go to izanami in the evening, continue quest, (Tip: if feels like stuck check different times, some events have time constraint)

if you were on android, the saves will be deleted, but the chances are low for mac and pc, since they are saved in 2 places. (inside the game folder and on users folders, so even if you delete the game folder, there should be the backup)

rest till night, don't sleep till new day

The 3 of them are definitely not normal, but I think Hera and Taile are categorized as Hiddens, while Estia falls under seperate category called Altered (unless she gets a backstory similar to MC).

drunk version was added in 0.66 but the normal lunch scene had been there since a while

I think, you are facing this same problem, but as you see that is no update on that yet from the tech side

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Its definitely not glitch, clearly dev forgot to update that, or maybe he is waiting for some event to be added before that

Neon event (it was added in 0.64) pops up only if you have completed this other event, the fix for it s the crystal in the bedroom window, 

Click crystal -> maeve -> something something isa quest pop

promenade on beach - Thursday beach afternoon

take girls for lunch at minmin's place from meeting room, you gets to make choice during that and one leads to drunk asmedia

The save files should be compatible between all devices, the hard-part might be to the find where are they saved in each type of device.

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there are places to go inside the portal, like lab, dojo. Staying in the portal is like standing on the door, you need to enter one of the rooms to progress story

there is a bell by the gate of his house, hit it

dont sleep till new day, rest till midnight

There is one repeatable lewd for Estia on friday morning in her room, don't know if there is any another.

Let me ask you something instead.
How should the dev rephrase that sentence so that you can understand that what he meant by that was to "wait for future game update to continue the rest of the quest"?

try different time, i guess evening or midnight

What you see inside Maeves menu is the teaser for upcoming features in future, same as for pregnancy and evolution

take all girls to restaurant from meeting room

they are zip, so yes, you need to extract before playing

It works for most renpy games. so its worth a try, you can look at this tutorial for how to set that up. 

Have you heard of this tool called Joiplay? It says this application can help to play renpy games on Android devices. All you need is Jioplay and PC version of the game (and possibly a unzipper)

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"not in game yet" means, its not in game, wait for next update, But again, its up to dev to decide when should these events get a continuation or not. The jin's event in that image, had been there since 0.50 or before (thats when I started this game, I am waiting for it as well)

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You can just use the compressed zip instead of installer. I will just list the differences here.

Compressed version
Compressed version is <1GB. Everytime there is a new update you need to download whole zip again. In case of bugfixes, you need to manually include the fixes by going to the specified file paths.

Installer version (not applicable for Android; Mac and Linux machines needs to use Wine application to make this to be supported)
It only installs 6GB+ uncompressed version. Everytime there is an update all you need to do is run the verify integrity check and it will update the new files and updates files (so from second time the download size is likely around <2GB (rarely upto 2.5GB), because it won't download same non-updated files again). Also bug fixes are more frequently updated in this version, compared to non-installer version.

Hopefully wait till RNG would create a lesbian version, for this game in some multiverse.....

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Did you even read what those hints says? This one says "not in game yet".

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Early access on every month end, so next update should be April 30th (in case of no delay).
Public release 5 days from early release. (so next update in case of no delay would be on May 5th)

Have you talked to all 7 girls excluding maeve, everyone forgets the Celestial

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try going at afternoon or evening

wait for 0.5 version

Reject Asami's offer to be her fake boyfriend to get even with Minato