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I am stuck in the convent. I have found 8 pieces of evidence (missing the bottom middle one) and talked to all the girls. I seem to have run out of dialogue options, and I cannot accuse anyone either. I am running version 4.3 on Linux.

A walkthrough tells me to "accuse the blackhaired girl" (Teresa), but when I try it just tells me I cannot accuse her.

Minor bug: In the "Would you rather?" game, you get asked whether you prefer boobs or butt. Regardless of whether you choose boobs or butt, Lauren responds: "Oh, the butt won?"

OK. Done. Posted in #bugs-report.

The hints on the girls' profiles are inconsistent. Some of them say "you have completed all the available events", some say "all events available". Some have italics; others do not.

There is a point in the questline where the protagonist goes mute and the girls want to get him to talk again. But at this point you can still take all the regular actions like talking to girls. I don't know if this counts as a bug, but it harms immersion IMO. It would feel better if all talk-dependent actions were disabled while this quest were active.

There are a couple of places where the hellhound girl's name is displayed as "Hell" and not the player-chosen name. This includes the girl selection screen and the "Hell's room" quest option with Tailè. Are these bugs? (0.64.)

Oh, nice! Thanks!

0.64 spelling error: Cleos dialogue mentions the Greek philosophers "Platone, Socrate and Aristotele". In English their names are traditionally spelled: Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.

It seems that whenever I complete an Emiko event, it sends me back to the street in Dusk City, and from there I need to go through the Wall to get back to Exile... but going to the Wall triggers the next Emiko event, so I am stuck on the Emiko questline until she runs out of events and I cannot do other things in between.

Is this by design or is it a bug?

Thanks. The location outside the game folder appears to be: ~/.renpy/ChampionOfRealms-xxxxxx.

In version 0.63 I have noticed a few bugs: 

1. There is a bug when scrolling through the girls: I have 9 girls. When I scroll forward from Maeve I get Tailè and then Asmedia, but when I scroll BACKWARDS from Asmedia it skips Tailè and sends me straight to Maeve.

2. When I go to the handling room and select a girl, then scroll backwards (using mouse wheel) and scroll forward again, the girl-selection overlay remains displayed.

I have not upgraded to 0.64 yet; for all I know these might be fixed.

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What file or files store my progress in the game? I.e., what files should I back up - e.g. in case I do something wrong while trying to upgrade? (Backing up the entire gigabyte-sized folder seems excessive. :D

(I am on Linux.)

How do you pronounce the names of Heramael and Tailè? 

"HAIR-a-mail" or "he-RA-ma-el"?

"TAIL" or "TIGHT-lay" or "TIGH-luh" or "TAY-lee" or some other combination?

Technical question: Does "rest", "sleep" and "spend time with girl" have any effect other than advancing the clock?

This game looks very good! My expectations were low because I just stumbled across it here in itch, but so far I really like it! (Only a few hours in.)

I have a question: The advertised impregnation, will that be optional or will it happen automatically when you get far enough with certain girls? (I would prefer to avoid getting anyone pregnant.)

Thank you! I also had that problem. This helped. :D

Hi! I am running StarlightShores-1.3-linux (not demo).

I have one technical complaint: When the text speed is set to maximum, each line of text still takes a while to fade in.

That is annoying IMO. It's fine to have this for those who want it, but when text speed is set to maximum, I would want each line of text to appear immediately without any fade (barring the occasional scene transition or effect).

Hi! Version 1.1 for Linux seems to have a bug: The 'text speed' setting does not appear to do anything.

I set it to maximum and expected each line of text to appear immediately, but the text crawled along slowly. Then I set the text speed to some low value and the text still crawled along at the same speed.


Thanks. Is this all-ages or 18+?

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How many romantic interests are there? Are they all female?

The intro video suggests just one.

Is this all-ages or 18+? Roughly what length of game should we expect?

Great! Thanks! 😍

I think having one version here is fine, but I do think you should clarify in the description that it has 18+ content. 

When I buy and download the game from, does it include the 18+ patch or do I need to install that separately? Thanks! :)

I heard that the Steam version is unstable on Linux. Is the version also unstable on Linux? When I launch, it never progresses beyond a black screen.

Is this a known problem with a solution?

(I can boot into Windows if I must. It's just convenient to run it under Linux if I can.)

This demo is very interesting! I especially love those horrific scenes in the library. I'm definitely looking forward to the full game. :D

Is the full game only available via Steam? 

If possible, I would like to buy the game without giving money to Valve (for political reasons; I don't like Valve). Is that possible? 

Thanks! :

And one more bug: On my system, the Linux Steam version can't start. It tries to launch, then terminates/crashes with no error message.

OK, I tried playing it. I have a couple of bugs to report:

1. I can't figure out how to launch the Linux version. I see no executable or script file in the folder. Which file am I supposed to run?

2. The settings are not saved when you close and re-open the application (in the Windows stand-alone and Windows Steam versions alike).

3. The text speed option does not seem to do anything. "Instant" does not make the text appear instantly.

This game looks cute. Now I've bought it. How long should I expect a playthrough to be? :)

Hi! I suggest you remove or change the "now live on Kickstarter" heading, since the KS is no longer live. :)

Hi! I've played a bit of the demo (not completed it), and I have some feedback and suggestions: 

1. Where in the world is this story set? The names are English, but I see kanji on the bedroom wall.
2. Each line of text fades in. IMO fading text should be disabled when text speed is maximum - or there should be some other option to disable this. I set text speed to maximum because I want to be able to read quickly, so this annoys me.
3. There appears to be no way to reliably activate the cell phone by keyboard - you need to mouse-click it, as far as I could tell. At least, I could not close that text message with the keyboard.
4. Is the cell phone supposed to stay in the upper left corner forever?

Best regards

Thanks for the reply!

This is a nice game. At first glance I did not like the graphics, but once I got used to them I found them quite pretty.

The story is nice. The text could really use some more proofreading. And the game would benefit from some more quality-of-life features like more font, size and opacity options. 

One thing I really like about the game is the male protagonist (Kang). He has a backbone. Unlike most VN protagonists I have seen, he is not a loser who collapses into a stammering, gasping, nosebleeding puddle of goo the moment a girl shows interest in him. Neither is he stupidly overpowered. He handles both enemies and women like a man. I like him. :)

My main problem with the game, however, is that the "skip only seen text" feature is bugged. When I fast-forward, it skips all text - seen or unseen. That makes it extremely frustrating to chase down the alternate endings. :(

This game is adorable! Super-happy and cute - and the sprites are BEAUTIFUL. I give it an 8/10. :)

I especially love Rayen. Whenever she frets or trembles or smiles or does anything, I feel this visceral need to protecc her. :D

I have a question: Are the characters' names normal names in... Chile or whatever South American place this is set in? Or are they semi-fictional names?