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This is a nice game. At first glance I did not like the graphics, but once I got used to them I found them quite pretty.

The story is nice. The text could really use some more proofreading. And the game would benefit from some more quality-of-life features like more font, size and opacity options. 

One thing I really like about the game is the male protagonist (Kang). He has a backbone. Unlike most VN protagonists I have seen, he is not a loser who collapses into a stammering, gasping, nosebleeding puddle of goo the moment a girl shows interest in him. Neither is he stupidly overpowered. He handles both enemies and women like a man. I like him. :)

My main problem with the game, however, is that the "skip only seen text" feature is bugged. When I fast-forward, it skips all text - seen or unseen. That makes it extremely frustrating to chase down the alternate endings. :(

This game is adorable! Super-happy and cute - and the sprites are BEAUTIFUL. I give it an 8/10. :)

I especially love Rayen. Whenever she frets or trembles or smiles or does anything, I feel this visceral need to protecc her. :D

I have a question: Are the characters' names normal names in... Chile or whatever South American place this is set in? Or are they semi-fictional names?