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Hi! I've played a bit of the demo (not completed it), and I have some feedback and suggestions: 

1. Where in the world is this story set? The names are English, but I see kanji on the bedroom wall.
2. Each line of text fades in. IMO fading text should be disabled when text speed is maximum - or there should be some other option to disable this. I set text speed to maximum because I want to be able to read quickly, so this annoys me.
3. There appears to be no way to reliably activate the cell phone by keyboard - you need to mouse-click it, as far as I could tell. At least, I could not close that text message with the keyboard.
4. Is the cell phone supposed to stay in the upper left corner forever?

Best regards

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, it's very appreciated. 

Tidal Blossoms takes place in a fictional world, and the kanji in the bedroom is just a tribute to the Japanese anime and games that have helped inspire this project.

I'll look into the fading text issues. Tidal Blossoms requires a mouse to play, and clicking it while reading text will speed things up and fix the cell phone issues. 

The cellphone will be more important and interactive during the full game so it is meant to stay in your view permanently.

Thanks again!