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I encountered these problems:

  • Had this lighting glitch in the beginning of tutorial: 
  • I opened a debug menu and couldn't figure out how to close it.
  • Spamming bouncing bullet makes the sound glitch uncomfortably when all the sounds are played at the same time.
  • Maybe more of a demo thing, but going back to the title after winning/losing the wave makes it seem like the game is completely over, even though cash/weapons/etc. carries over.
  • The baby mode bar reloaded even when shooting people in baby mode, which - the way I understood it from the tutorial - should only happen when shooting people as an adult. I made a video of it too, so you know what I mean:

It has a very cool and unique aesthetic with the baby theme, it contrasts well with the murderous rampage through hundreds of kidnappers. My favorite is still the music and audio design in general, I'd say you have a good thing going there. Since the tutorial is new, I'd also like to note that I managed to win my first wave after it, so I'd say it did a good job (especially with that focus on ABUSE THE BABY MODE, which really DID come in handy).  All in all, a very fun game.

Now this only leaves me with one question: if babies are so powerful how did they get caught in the first place?


Thank you so much for the feedback!

Very strange with the lightning and debugg menu, but i think i know why they happened so i will fix for next build. By next build i will also loop you back into the hub and have a proper pause menu with Escape-button so you can exit if you want.

Baby energy in baby mode is communicated so bad so it's my fault. If you hit 10 in the combo bar you get a chunk of energy,  since most weapons have fast rate of fire it hits that often, i  havent really balanced it after i remade the weapons 2 months ago. I will have to figure something out.

Would you prefer to not get the energy and be forced back into adult mode or is the way it is now good?

(Also babies get kidnapped because there arent enough toddler sized weapons in the world :( )


It depends, I guess forcing the player back into adult mode makes it more strategic (like the tutorial said, it opens up the whole when-do-I-change-back-to-adult line of thought), while the current version is more action-oriented. From my gut feeling, I'd say keep it as it is, since I think the action focus is more important and it is already difficult for a scrub like me, don't take away my baby time.