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TAADDAAAAA!!!! Smintheus Beta Walkthrough is finished

PS: you can give me thumbnail pic if you want
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This is incredibly outstanding!!! Thank you very much for your dedication and effort, Coconut Mousse :)
You're my personal hero and inspiration source! :D

It's well played and good video, I've put it into game description. I'll write devlog article and talk about it pretty soon, as well as do a little promotion on social media. 

So, how was the experience overall? Any suggestions, recommendations or complaints? What did you like most and what didn't in the game? Were the puzzles difficult? 

PS: You kinda missed decent portion of level when you kited that cat on level 6. It introduced pistols and one very witty puzzle that involves combo-crafting.  Although the way you skipped the cat was great :) Didn't thought of alternative solution like that.

Again, thank you very much!!!

thanks for you compliments and the promotion :D really appreciate that

sometimes the water didnt really visible and cactus sting me a lot but its still visible :D the way you give the blueprint is really great, it just keep coming and we didnt know what to do with it.

i dont really have suggestion right now but i can still help you if you release the other version. the puzzle is difficult but i like puzzle so its not something to complain :D

well i really like the graphic as it remind me of crashland and BGM is perfect for this game. the difficulity of puzzle is fine with me(maybe its really hard for people that dont really do puzzle). the worst thing that happen to me is when you got that boot, i can hardly control the character overall this is a great game

bug: the cat wont catch you if the cat is behind you (i get this bug on wishing well level)

btw is the cockcroach walking in random track? maybe it will be a little but harder for a beginner to avoid them

this my channel goal : to help indie dev like you and other if you have them contact me

told me when the alpha released, i will gladly to help again

Thanks for the feedback, Coconut Mousse :)

The roach has a pattern, it's a bit tricky to figure it out so it gives a "random movement" feeling. The creature is very fragile and can be easily killed, to compensate that it just has that kind of "random" behavior.  Sort of superpower :D

I got all bugs and inconveniences fixed at the moment. No idea how to deal with boot. I assumed you played with keyboard or joystick? There are no problems guiding player with boots on via mouse clicks.

Actually I'm finishing the game but I won't mind a little pre-release test. You're doing pretty valuable job for the indies - these days it's much harder for all of us to get through despite how difficult gamedev already is and contributions such as yours greatly helps all of us. Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks a million!


good luck on releasing the game :D wish for the best

yep, im using keyboard. ask me if you need any help. i'll always help if i can

Ssup Coconut Mousse,

As promised,  I wrote a devlog post and mentioned your video in it. Your video had some impact on the game and it's not just bug fixes or other inconveniences but  things like I've added possibility to turn boot on and off (of course, if player has perk for it) and other little things.

Teh Link:

Best Regards,

i really like the screenshot on the game progress. the great underground seems promising, a new talking roaches is taking entrance now :D i will stop playing some of those games, not anyhting to worry, it just my laptop got broken. will be leaving for a while goodluck on your realising the game. i hope this game bring lot of impact on you (i have discord if you want to pm)