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good luck on releasing the game :D wish for the best

yep, im using keyboard. ask me if you need any help. i'll always help if i can

Ssup Coconut Mousse,

As promised,  I wrote a devlog post and mentioned your video in it. Your video had some impact on the game and it's not just bug fixes or other inconveniences but  things like I've added possibility to turn boot on and off (of course, if player has perk for it) and other little things.

Teh Link:

Best Regards,

i really like the screenshot on the game progress. the great underground seems promising, a new talking roaches is taking entrance now :D i will stop playing some of those games, not anyhting to worry, it just my laptop got broken. will be leaving for a while goodluck on your realising the game. i hope this game bring lot of impact on you (i have discord if you want to pm)