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Nice read, it's the kind of articles I find most appealing since they provide personal insight on the gamedev problems as well as reveal some of sweet-sweet details.

The very first day I saw Aldarix the Battlemage i knew that behind simple graphics and sound lies a core made of sweat and shitloads of decisions. Truly something like this deserves a respect from both perspectives - as a gamedev and as a gamer. 

Keep writing similar articles ;)

Interesting read! I appreciate the include of technical stuff, it's always nice to see how things are implemented inside. Besides, it's just motivates to work on own project ;)

:D It's just a nickname, although eventually i'll move to offical name on all channels once Smintheus hits the store. Anyway...  it's definitely OK. 

Well, seeing as IAO behaves in terms of controlls it wouldn't be such a fuss to port it to mobile phones as you can simply imitate mouse click with touch events. Couple of buttons on GUI leading to menus, inventories,etc and it's done.  No idea how portable is dealing with C#...

Looking forward for your secret project! :)

Welcome back... again! :D
Great update... you might wannt to consider adding "Port to Android/iOs" in your future ToDo list I think IAO will  feel great there.  XNA ports such as ExEn might make porting much easier. 

Ssup Coconut Mousse,

As promised,  I wrote a devlog post and mentioned your video in it. Your video had some impact on the game and it's not just bug fixes or other inconveniences but  things like I've added possibility to turn boot on and off (of course, if player has perk for it) and other little things.

Teh Link:

Best Regards,

Thanks for the feedback, Coconut Mousse :)

The roach has a pattern, it's a bit tricky to figure it out so it gives a "random movement" feeling. The creature is very fragile and can be easily killed, to compensate that it just has that kind of "random" behavior.  Sort of superpower :D

I got all bugs and inconveniences fixed at the moment. No idea how to deal with boot. I assumed you played with keyboard or joystick? There are no problems guiding player with boots on via mouse clicks.

Actually I'm finishing the game but I won't mind a little pre-release test. You're doing pretty valuable job for the indies - these days it's much harder for all of us to get through despite how difficult gamedev already is and contributions such as yours greatly helps all of us. Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks a million!


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This is incredibly outstanding!!! Thank you very much for your dedication and effort, Coconut Mousse :)
You're my personal hero and inspiration source! :D

It's well played and good video, I've put it into game description. I'll write devlog article and talk about it pretty soon, as well as do a little promotion on social media. 

So, how was the experience overall? Any suggestions, recommendations or complaints? What did you like most and what didn't in the game? Were the puzzles difficult? 

PS: You kinda missed decent portion of level when you kited that cat on level 6. It introduced pistols and one very witty puzzle that involves combo-crafting.  Although the way you skipped the cat was great :) Didn't thought of alternative solution like that.

Again, thank you very much!!!

Tell you what. Record the rest levels, combine the footage with the previous one and include keywords into the name "Smintheus Beta Walkthrough". It will be efficient piece of work which would be easy to post, easy to market and share :)

Although I just need to see second part and that'll be enough.  But we can make it better.

Not sure If I follow this. Do you want the new video to be included in game info page together with screenshots and trailer here?
Don't worry, i'll do a little PR for video here and there.

I would very much like that, Coconut Mousse!

Your next level is 5 which introduces crafting mechanics as well as tool usage (which is one of main flavors of the game) and there are 3 levels after. Should be a 30 minute session. It would be very educational to watch such video and it will definitely be a material for further improvements. 

Thank you very much! :)

P.S: In case you forgot or missed - check out inventory screen ("tab" key or double mouse click or select on joystick). 

Thanks for the video, Coconut Mousse

Looks like you had the downloaded months ago. I see that a lot of helpful new gameplay features were absent and some old bugs are present  but nevertheless, should've taken the latest version :)

I'm surprised to see how relatively well you dealt with controls. You'd be best player so far of all I've seen. Thanks again, I learned something from that. It would be nice though to see more of gameplay, especially starting from level 5 where gadget crafting is involved.

Have a great weekend!

Hey Deana,

The mail has been shot :)

Woops! Those poor 5 souls who downloaded Smintheus (Windows) recently (around 12:00 GMT on 02.05.2018) at itch - make sure you start new game and reset game speed to "default" in options. I accidentally packed the game with my own progress and options :)

Hey all, Live4G4ming  made video about my game. There is no trailer yet but if you want to see some gameplay footage then go and check this out! :)

This was so fun to watch man, your style gave me some big laughs :D, great job! I seriously enjoyed your video, wish i could see more of that gameplay ;)

Thank you for being super awesome!

Thank you very much for such cheering words and wonderful review.
Now i got the idea how to progress the development further.

Thanks again for being so awesome! ;D

Allright, i've fixed the problem. Solution is pretty dumb, inherent to most Radeon cards,  but it works
Get the patch "smintheus-beta-patch-radeonfix.rar" from here or re-download the whole game. 

Have a great day! :)

Oh boy... this is so embarrassing :(.
But no problem. I'll try to fix it as soon as possible. I'll leave another reply once the things are done.

Thank you for your time, CoalFire ;)

Hey CoalFire, thanks for giving it a try :)

Yeah, I just discovered this issue recently. You probably have one of Radeon video cards. Current solution is to update drivers and catalyst. Meanwhile i'll try to find the way to avoid it without the need to install drivers.