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Sharing some small bugs I've found and ideas/criticisms I have:

1. Starting new Death Matches with less players than you had in any previous matches causes rounds in the new ones to end only when the timer runs out instead of when one or no players are left alive, at which point those rounds either end in an Equality or with a non-existing player winning the round. The game still seems to register any removed players as participants.

2. Setting the time limit in Death Match to infinite, then leaving and returning to Death Match replaces the infinite option with 130 seconds until you cycle through the time options again.

3. Any settings you change go back to default after reloading the game. Also ticking/unticking the boxes used for the Sound and Music options does nothing.

4. The Overheat mechanic needs improvement. Waiting for your Stamina to recover once it runs out can leave you helpless since you can still lose Stamina to your opponent's attacks while you're recovering, and the Overheat gauge isn't forcing attacking players to back off after getting those consecutive free attacks, which means it needs to build up faster and/or decrease slower.

5. Weapons need limitations given how powerful they are. I think having them break after a certain number of uses (guns having limited ammo; the Blast Gun especially needs to only have 1 shot, the Sword, Flail, and Lash breaking after 1 or 2 hits, the Shield breaking after taking/dealing a certain amount of damage, and the Laser Cutter and Laser Sword having enough energy to be used for 5 seconds), as well as having a player drop weapons they're holding when they take damage would help balance them out.

Aside from that, this is an incredible game. Easily one of the most enjoyable fighting games I've played. For what it's got so far, this is really only Version 0.1?


Your comment gives me a huge positive vibe. Thanks, a lot.

I will take it into consideration for the next updates. I think there are no real rules for naming version, but by calling it 0.1 I want to emphasize that this is the very first version released, and that the game has a lot of room for improvement.

tip : you can steal weapons


Ah. I see. Well, if the game does grow from its current state, I definitely look forward to it. Considering this is your starting point, you've already done quite a bit. Also, I'll definitely give stealing weapons a try in the future, thanks for the tip. That might need to be added to the weapons tutorial.

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Hey there, back again with a couple more bugs/issues to report. I've got them on video this time. The 1st clip shows a bug where the Overheat Gauge still increases at normal speed during bullet time if you're trying to mash arm extensions (no torso turning), even though your fighter isn't actually attacking. The other 4 clips showcase how mashing arm extensions + holding your torso down can leave an opponent unable to recover. This ties in with the issue concerning the Overheat mechanic I brought up in my original comment. I've come to the conclusion that extending your arms may need to build up Overheat faster to mitigate this.

After seeing how stealing weapons works, I can now say that I no longer have an issue with the weapons as they are now. I'll cross out the 5th point in my original comment in recognition of this.

If you're still looking to update the game, would more color options for the players be something you'd be interested in? This is more of a personal request, 'cause I know I'd benefit from this, as I have a special set of tournament rules I'd like to test, and 4 participants (red, green, blue, purple) won't be enough for my tournament. I'd need at least 8.

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thanks for the report.

This overheat issue happen because I tried to find a way to limit mashing without using torso turning. This is a bigger problem when using weapon like swords or chains. What I did is increasing a fixed amount of overheat for each arm extension. But it's not perfect as it's rather inefficient at normal time and can be exaggerated in slow motion. I'm still looking for a better solution.

About the colors, I don't know. They're a max of 4 players at the same time, so to me it makes sense to limit at 4 colors. There is also the reason that more colors will be less distinctive. (like orange would looks too much like red, or unused weapons).

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Alright, I've done some further testing and learned how to backflip and frontflip at will, but more importantly, I think I've finally thought up a decent solution for the Overheat gauge.

Currently the Overheat gauge IMMEDIATELY starts emptying itself when you stop doing actions that would fill it, which is why repeatedly extending your arms doesn't really do much to fill the gauge, since there's a moment between button presses where you're not pressing any buttons, causing the gauge to empty in that time. So I think there needs to be a delay (like half a second) before the Overheat gauge starts to decrease. That should help limit repeated small attacks.

Also thought of an idea to use in substitute of additional colors/changing AI player setup manually. And I think this game could probably use this in the future anyway: the ability to save and quickly access your favorite builds.


I came up with a radical solution for attacks spamming : I simply implemented a small delay to activate damage after repeated attacks.

Saving builds may come in a future update. 

Thanks for the fix, it works well. I guess the most accurate way to describe it would be that you put a "speed limit" on repeating light attacks. They're definitely less abusable now.