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test comment

I came up with a radical solution for attacks spamming : I simply implemented a small delay to activate damage after repeated attacks.

Saving builds may come in a future update. 

Thanks 🔥. There might be mapping options in a future update. For now the logic is : stick up = torso up, and stick down = torso down. 

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thanks for the report.

This overheat issue happen because I tried to find a way to limit mashing without using torso turning. This is a bigger problem when using weapon like swords or chains. What I did is increasing a fixed amount of overheat for each arm extension. But it's not perfect as it's rather inefficient at normal time and can be exaggerated in slow motion. I'm still looking for a better solution.

About the colors, I don't know. They're a max of 4 players at the same time, so to me it makes sense to limit at 4 colors. There is also the reason that more colors will be less distinctive. (like orange would looks too much like red, or unused weapons).

Nice ! I'm glad you liked it. Cool video 👌

Thanks. Not really focusing on Steam right now, but it has a good place in the to-do list.

Your comment gives me a huge positive vibe. Thanks, a lot.

I will take it into consideration for the next updates. I think there are no real rules for naming version, but by calling it 0.1 I want to emphasize that this is the very first version released, and that the game has a lot of room for improvement.

tip : you can steal weapons

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SpeedRacer, the fast neon glowing game

So there i am. I published for the first time a game on itchio. 

It was originally a game created for the purpose of a programing class. It landed here. The online higscores are still empty.  Maybe the game is just too difficult for a standard player. But I like to make people suffer. I don't know what is a standard player, but i will be glad if some people review it

Enjoy :)