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Not bad! The core loop is quite fun, I like the tactical nature of expending resources to clear the screen, going in for an attack to regain resources, and regrouping.

Here are some suggestions for future work:

- It would be really nice to see the range on how close you have to be to eat an enemy; because you have to weave through attacks to get there, you really really do need to know whether your trajectory will get you close enough or not.

- I'd add some iframes when you get hit so you don't get instakilled quite so easily

- I'm not sure exactly how to do this in a bullet hell-type game, but I think the attack patterns should be balanced a little bit so that it's more feasible to get through if you're out of burps; right now running out of them is basically a failure condition because you probably won't be able to get any more.

I totally agree with everything you suggested! Unfortunately, I had to go the randomized route, because I didn't really have time to script out encounters with pre-determined patterns. I also definitely planned originally to have a little more visual feedback around the magnet attraction, but that was one of the first things I had to lose due to time constraints.

The i-frames are a great idea, and I hadn't thought about that. I think a combination of that and some form of feedback on when you get damage would make it feel a lot more fair.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I really appreciate it. Glad you thought it was fun!