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This is adorable and very-well put together, an excellent and unexpected use of mechanics.

Also I suppose I deserve my present.

I rate your game seven stars... but must deduct two for your suggestion that it is possible to overhype Onion.




How did you find your way back to the comments of my game? I thought you already played it and found the secret ending? 

are you....following me??? :P

(ps thank you and everyone else who Followed me on itch here)


(its embarrassing but i was just curious what comments Em left after i knew they played it so i came back to spy on the comments >w<;;)


Following friends isn't spying! I was also really curious to see how everyone would take my silly presents giving and it seems they all liked it!! Hooray!


Thank you for such high praise!!! I really enjoyed making something different like this!

Hee hee, I remember you linked that game once in the discord because it utilized some mechanic someone was asking about, and so I tried playing it and.....Bam! Your present was born! (Not from the trolling, but as an homage to the delightful sense of humour you have!)

Your criticism is greatly appreciated. I will endeavour to improve on my Onion appraisal.