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"siri how do i rate games on itch with negative stars"

It's been updated!

Thank you! I don't think there's a secret frog in this one though

Thank you!


How to use the extended colour palette is in the Bitsy FAQ from the Discord!

ruin we love you <3

You are bang on the money with what I was thinking of

This is illegally good. You have definitely broken some laws to make this, and when I work out what those are I will be contacting the appropriate authorities. Good day.

Thank you! This is actually a sequel to another game I made called "Welcome to Sunshine Town", if you look at my itch page

I don't think I can properly express exactly how loved this has made me feel, except that it is a very large amount. You are all wonderful people and I am glad (and very lucky) to be back among you. Thank you.

P.S. Don't catch the coronavirus, it sucks

Whoops! No, that's an error in the dialogue jump hack that should take you to what the Queen says next.

I'm currently working on patching in the intended ending (the one originally written before the Rat Jam was interrupted by GGJ), so I'll fix that before you replay it again...

Yeah I gotta devlog this one...

I should have put in a better reward for driving safely...




The frogs are down to Em, I think. They are always present in the mind. Glad you enjoyed it, and Merry Christmas!


What an excellent little tour of your old house that didn't make my brain leap out of my skull even a tiny bit!

This is fantastic. Also the vague flickers of the cat made my brain hurt.

Please do not teach me that I can get away with pretending that my unfinished games are "artistic metacommentary". That is a bad lesson.

Mick and Keith live in "the kind of house you are happy to just go with when it's 1am and you just want to publish"

Let this be a lesson in how not to deal with your housemates

I say, old bean, top-hole simulation of the criminal underworld! Rather!


Bravo, sirrah. A work of art that will last the ages. And topical, too!

Five stars, would let the Squad eat all my candy again

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1. There is an excellent series of medieval historical mysteries by Ellis Peters about a monk named Cadfael. It is a very laboured pun.

2. Yes, his name translates literally into French as Sir Horse


[Fashion has begun to move again]

Hello! Making him hold the shield up is a custom JavaScript routine, I'm afraid. You can pull it out of the code; IIRC there are two called pickItUp and putItDown. Changing what he looks like, however, is done using the Edit Image From Dialogue hack in the Bitsy Hacks Repo!


I didn't expect that

The only explanation is that you are delicious

THIS IS THE CUTEST also I am 100% on board with the snail who loves pizza



onion this coffee order was so bad it made me fill in a Captcha to prove I was human before it would let me post it

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hi can i get a trenta vanilla sweet cream cold brew with two pumps vanilla three pumps caramel two pumps cinnamon dolce two pumps hazelnut two pumps toffee nut two pumps mocha two pumps white mocha two pumps pumpkin sauce three pumps maple pecan syrup and five shots of espresso


Didn't expect that

This game is pandering to an incredibly niche audience.

Fortunately I am that niche audience, so I think it's fantastic.

Also I can't believe you didn't put the Sand Box in.

Also also I cannot believe you managed to depict Caeth's hair in such uncanny detail

Such an adorable tiny beast!