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I understand that the game might crash due to a corrupted download or trouble with the video card/driver. I have downloaded the game twice over, and yet the game crashes as soon as I start playing. What do you suggest I do?

In these cases, it can usually be solved by holding down the SHIFT key while launching the game. A screen will come up and ask you to select a render type. I'm not smart enough to recommend one (Ren'Py developer suggests ANGLE render) but try clicking through all of them until one works! If you ever see weird cut-off buttons or missing graphics, try yet another one. xD Sorry this is happening to you!

I'm so sorry. It didn't work... :''(
I held down the SHIFT key, but it made no difference. The game crashed as soon as I clicked the "NEW BAND" icon...

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Oh I thought you meant the game wouldn't start at all. Does a blue error screen come up? I need that error. No one else is getting this crash though, so another re download is the first thing you should do (or download from our site, not itchio). That's all I can think.

I re downloaded from your website and faced the same problem. There isn't any blue screen or error message. The game starts, and as soon as I click "NEW BAND", it crashes.I'm so sorry.