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First of all, the concept is really cool, I do wish that there was some kind of way to "lose" or at least have some kind of combo meter or something. Like that if you make a line every 5 or 10 or whatever blocks you get 1 combo and so on. But I get that it was not the point of the game, but rather to be a relaxing "zone-out"-experience. And let me tell you, it does a fantastic job at that.

The visuals are suuuper nice, there's just something about the atmosphere that combined with the music just creates this feeling of "pleasantness". I genuinely felt good while playing and even though there was no "objective" it was such a great experience that I never really wanted to quit. I know I already mentioned that the music is great, but it really, really is superb. I would say it's the best entry when it comes to audio that I have encountered this Jam.  5/5, I hope that you expand on this in some way, because I would love to see what you could build upon this already superb experience!


That is actually in place (it shows as "(+N)") and you get one extra score for every 4 consecutive full line. I think the negative points you can get are not a great decision by me and I removed them in the post-jam version. Now the score is not about rating your performance, but just to give you an additional sense of  (albeit meaningless) progress and achievement. i.e. it's way less of a value judgment of your play and I think that fits better!

A great thing about making such a simple game is that you can take the time and make it pleasant and just sprinkle in a bunch of stuff that looks cool. My music person is well aware of the praise people have been giving him and I am very thankful to his contribution as well!

And there is a post-jam version already up on GitHub. There are no grand changes, just gamepad support, audio/music mute, IJKL as an alternative to arrow keys and a really cool zoom-out when you press escape! I guess one could put in more (so that it will seem pseudo-infinite) gimmicks to discover at larger heights, but otherwise I am not sure what to add that would really fit the theme of it being a relaxing experience.  I'll think about it and see if other people suggest some other clever things!

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play and for writing such a nice comment :)