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Thank you so much for your feedback! <3 Yessiree, we're from Rio, and we have a huge student body of aspiring gamedevs here, eager to learn and to participate in jams like these! This was one of 5 projects made within the group (which was divided into 5 balanced subgroups, which I can DM you / link you if I have the chance :) ), and I'm glad to see other brazilian devs out here! <3

Yeah, one of the problems we had was that we didn't have the time to implement all we wanted to make the idea fully realized - making an "arthouse" game, even a linear one with the illusion of choice (or maybe precisely becuase of that), seems to be... harder than we thought. :p But I'm really, REALLY glad that some of the idea shined through!

Again, thank you so much for sharing this! And by the way - Guess who my favourite pony is. ;3


Sure, DM them over to me and I'll check them out when I can!

As for your favorite pony, I mean judging by your profile and your name it's obviously Sweetie Belle, duh

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Damn, yeah, true ._.
Anywho, since I just found out doesn't have DMs, I'll link 'em here :3