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Oh, and the raster-layer height, or Z size, is just the distance between the bottom and top planes of the raster-layer. It does not include the Z origin of the layer. To calculate the height of a carve, assuming your canvas Z size is identical to your workpiece thickness, you should be able to just add the layer's Z origin to its Z size to get the Z of the top plane of the layer, which is equal to the distance from the bottom of the canvas to the top of the layer.

- Charlie


This was the final result. The horse came from a color cell phone jpg. I was surprised how well the color picture turned out, with tweaking of the levels.  The relief carving is about .075 max height .  The border is not that wide, I haven't did the cut out yet .

Thanks for the help Charlie.....

Hi Joe,

That's great stuff! Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear the Adjust Levels function was useful on the horse raster-layer. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to figure out how to do to design more stuff. I'm all ears ;)

 - Charlie