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Super funny idea! And a really creative take on an old game. The simple omission of that one basic rule makes it so much more intense and funny. 

I have a couple of constructive points:

 - When the game ends and it shows "Player 1 (or 2) wins!", it should stay up for at least a minimum of 1 second or so before you can dismiss it with a button press. If both players are spamming buttons to place their pieces (which they should be), it's virtually impossible to see who won. It also might be cool to keep track of how many times each player has won, since the games go so quickly.

 - It's possible to just create a really quick row from your starting position just by moving left, right, right. This makes it a little cheesy, and discourages you from interacting with the other player. Some ideas to help this are to maybe randomize the starting position of each player, and maybe allow both players to be over the same space at the same time?

Definitely one of the more clever ideas I've seen so far!

I thought about how to fix the quick spamming strategy and I decided to put a little cooldown on placing a symbol. This would make blocking your opponent a little easier but it might make the matches longer.