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Hi.  Overall I'm really enjoying the game so far (looking forward to a full release) but I was wondering-is there a way to check your stats anywhere?

Yup! When you're in the weekly scheduler, roll your mouse over your character portrait.  Your stats will appear on the left.  Do the same thing with the Prince's portraits and you'll see their progress as well.

Thanks for covering >w<b


It’s as Answerless says xD

In the full release we will implement an option for you to access the stats better >w< And glad you’re enjoying the demo so far! :D

OK-thanks.  Also I have one more possibly stupid question (apologies)-from what I can tell, every week you can either do lessons (i.e. raise stats) OR craft an item OR do a mission, but you can't do 2-3 of those-is that correct or am I doing something wrong/not trying to do them in the correct order?

Not at all! It's correct. You can only perform one out of those 3 actions >w<