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First of all, congratulations for the game. It's quite an achievement.

I had the following crash while clicking "DROP" on a secondary weapon.

I know how much effort is to make a game, and you should be very proud. I will be donating to the cause.

These are a few issues I noticed while playing:

- The game experienced many hiccups (HIGH DETAIL), specially if there is more than one enemy  (I have a Core i7 with a 745m Nvidia Geforce).
- I didn't find a reason for aiming. I can hit everything while running like a maniac.
- Zombies die with few shots and they almost don't pose any danger (same as other melee enemies).
- The gauss rifle is too slow. Swappedit after a few seconds. Same with the knuckle spikes.
- Level textures are boring.
- Weapons are a little boring and some gun sounds don't fit the visual style of the game.
- Why the ceiling has no texture?
- Regular knife does little damage. Maybe raise the damage to compensate for the range.
- The arrow of the compass is confusing to know where it's pointing if you look fast. Maybe make the tip brighter or noticeable.

thanks for the feedback. I will take your points into account. The ceiling has no texture because it would take too much time to calculate. The game runs quite slowly, because it is written in Python.