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Any chance this would go on Steam? I really would love all my games in one place so... :<

Brassica is definitely a title we want to take to Steam!
But we're still figuring out in what form to release it on Steam (as Brassica is not finished yet, etc.), as well as doing paper work towards such a release. :'D

Thank you for your interest! <3

There's a way to add non-Steam games to your library:

Open Steam. Click the "Add a game" button in the bottom left. Then click "Add a non-Steam game."

From there, you can add any game you have installed to your Steam library. It's only a shortcut, so you have to have the game installed. Steam makes it so easy to organize our games! I love it!

I know but... that kind of defeats the purpose I want, that outside game would still be installed outside anyway. Reviews of library games, achievements, trading cards, Steam cloud and such functions would still be exclusive to Steam games.