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Nory Han

A member registered Aug 10, 2015

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Really love this update! It's so rare to have these animations~

Thank you for your hard work and Happy New Year ^^

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I was wondering whether Santa would have a using phone animation xD That would've been funny.

Anyway, in all seriousness, thank you for adding the gift animation for Santa! It's really adorable! This was a nice ending to the Christmas updates! ^^

Woa congrats on the 10k downloads, and the $4k milestone also! Really when I graduate and get a job I'll definitely pay more T_T I feel bad for paying so little for this amount of work!

Wish you a merry Christmas with your family! Stay warm and healthy too!

Thank you for the adding in the new sitting animations so fast :O They have feet now~ The new globe is really cute too!

PS. "Added an animated Christams snowball globe" - I think you mean Christmas, typos happen when you're busy xD

Hello (yes it's me again...),

today I tried doing the vertical sitting animations (the normal straight-up one, not the one for arm chairs) and I encountered a problem: if the character isn't sitting close to the table, their feet will appear cut off - because right now the animation frames don't include their feet. For example, they look fine if they sit right by the table like this gif, but if they sit further away, maybe in the orange chair that is pulled out, the cut-off feet will be shown.

Is it possible to have additional vertical sitting animations where they have a full body, including the feet?

That is awesome! I'm really looking forward to it~~~

I know I shouldn't request too much, so please think of these as mere suggestions!

I think it'd be great to have characters with clothes varieties like wearing headband, glasses, hat, sweaters, dresses etc. Thank you for your hard work ^^

This is wonderful! I've been looking for some city tilesets! Thank you!

The reindeer plush is adorable! Do you think you can add a Santa Claus character (maybe holding a gift bag) and some already-opened present boxes?

The last basement update ended with a bang! I love the glass doors so much! Thank you ^^

Um... do you think it's possible to have vertical versions of them too?

That's awesome! Thank you so much xDD

Hello LimeZu, I'm sorry for the constant requests ;_; Do you think these tables can find a place in the schedule somewhere?

They're round and solid, look like a living-room kind of thing.

Adam's hair is so stylish~

Thank you so much! I'd really appreciate that!!

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The kids are really cute! Um, do you think you can update the animations of characters in the "Old characters" folder?

I quite like their designs (especially the hair) but they lack the animations that new characters have :(

I'd also love animations for the "man in black" as well. He looks really cool!

Thank you so much!

I love the chairs so much!! Will there be vertical and back versions of them too? ;-;

Thank you for the update as always! It's become a ritual of mine to check this page everyday :D

That's awesome! I'm looking forward to them ^^

Thank you for the updates! you think it's possible for cushion chairs (like these) to be added some time in the future? And maybe the vertical versions of the counter and stools too!

Woa very colorful!! I love the additions so much! Thank you for the hard work!

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I would love some kind of tall snack bar table and tall stools too! Maybe something like this, with multiple colors (like white, red etc) because I notice there are many wooden tables in the pack but not many with colors.

Can I also suggest glass doors (horizontal and vertical) for future updates too?

Thank you for the updates!! Again, I really appreciate your work and don't mind waiting!

The phone animation is such a nice surprise :O Thank you for adding it!!

Thank you for considering it! I'll wait patiently xD

May I ask when you update this pack in the future, can you add more vertical objects too please? Especially this chair, I really love it but I can't use it fully right now because it's only horizontal ;-;

Thank you!

More vertical items yesss!! Thank you for the circular tables too!

Hello, I'd like to ask if you can add circular/oval tables to the request list please? There are many rectangular tables but circular ones are so rare ;-;

Yesss I would really love this too!! Vertical objects are really desired!

So many amazing characters now! The bouncer is cool LOL~

Thank you for the hard work!

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Can I add some more suggestions for updates? I don't mind waiting for them, please take the time you need!

+ Additional idle animations (not just front and back, but left and right too).

+ A sleeping room: with bean bags, comfy sofas and chairs etc. It's a room used for short naps, kind of different from a bedroom.

Thank you!!

The sitting characters are such great additions! Thank you for updating xD

It would be wonderful if they can be added! Thank you for considering them!

I don't understand what you mean by "same ones", once you add things and update the files, everyone who already bought (and will buy) the pack also gets access to the updates. This is why there are packs out there which keeps updating after release.

But I understand if you choose to not add things. Thanks anyway.

Hello, the pack is really great, I just bought it!

I want to ask if you can some more technology items such as a PC (separate monitor and keyboard, mouse), an earphone, a headphone and a charger please? It's really hard to find those items anywhere.

Thank you!

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You're so dedicated to the project! I'm really glad to support you!

Edit: Btw, hope you don't mind me asking, I heard you're working on an outside/exterior tileset, is there any info on when it will be released?

It's starting xD I'm really excited to see how it will turn out!

I'm surprised you're working even though you're sick, make sure to get enough rest!

Thank you so much! They look great so I bought them!!

Though...I'm not sure if I can request one item...I'd really like an ID card (that looks something like this).

I'm making a project for school so I need modern items, this is the best modern pack I've found so far but no card ;_; Do you think it's possible for it to be added?

Thank you again!

Congrats on the 100th update! Thank you for everything so far, you've worked hard ^^

Please take care of your health, I hope you recover soon too!

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Hello, do you think you can upload a demo spritesheet with a few items please? I really love these but honestly I have no idea if the color palette and style of this fits my current game art. I'd like a demo before purchasing if that's alright.

Thank you.

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The mood icons are so cute! Have you ever thought about making a full pixel GUI pack? Like, a separate pack containing many interface elements such as a textbox, buttons, health, experience, money icons, inventory menu...etc.

I think it would sell well for people who can't make pixel UI (like me ahaha).

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Wow they look really nice! The cutting board and the chef are exactly what I want xD

Thank you for your work!

Edit: It seems the file is still for version 10.6 - without the updates? Or is it just an error on my side ;-;

Can't wait for more character sprites from you ^^ They all look adorable!