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Why exclude nft usage???

Because it's a scam and a disgusting burp of capitalism. I don't want either my characters nor myself to be associated with it in any way.

Total put off I find it appalling!

Feeling is mutual. We should celebrate symmetry of the situation :D

We either have full commercial rights or not,

"not" then. I thought it was clear. Wasn't it? I wonder if I should draw an even bigger finger for all the nft crowd so it's more obvious, what do you think? How big is enough? I need to know.

why exclude nft developers we create games also.

Why, the clause doesn't exclude people but usage. One can imagine an "nft developer" making an actual game after a hard day of scamming people - this would be perfectly fine with the clause I guess.

 I will not even look in this direction again

I'll be more than happy if you keep that word[1]! :D

 move with the times or get left behind!

I expect that in 5 years (or months, who knows?) we';ll have another get-rich-quick-by-exploiting-people scheme. Something being new is not a reason for participating.

Are nfts a short-lived, weird, harmful, short-sighted idiocy, or a permanent part of a dystopian world we're building for ourselves and the posterity? No-one knows; but you don't need to act as you know the future in an attempt to scare-convince me. You'd need actual arguments for that. Oh, and better ones then the usual crap I get from the likes of you.

Hope that answers your question, and our understanding of each other's got improved.

[1] If you decide to break your promise, please try to improve interpunction. I don't mind mistakes (we all make plenty), but it's sometimes difficult to understand you. I'm very much interested in understanding a fellow human being, even if they are wrong, and especially if they disagree with me - and here you do both of those so \o/

Have a good day :)


I'm sure you not the person I'm responding here (they're supposed to not look in this direction after all) but if you're still interested in the topic - regardless of whether you agree with me or not - you can read Why NFTs are bad: the long version.

Feeling is mutual. We should celebrate symmetry of the situation :D

0x72, I admire you much more now because of your response, had me cracking and it's so nice to see (most of the) art community stand against all that capitalistic BS. Cheers :)

My only regret is I've spent too much time responding to them instead of spending time doing... well, anything else. But what's done is done; I try to not engage anymore.

Indeed, the community's response is so much better than I've anticipated. I should have more faith in people.

Anyway, Thanks for the kind words, but no admiration please, I'm blushing!