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Haha, fitting that there are 666 ratings as of now. Love it so far <3


Love the rebranding! :D

Love this so much! It looks divine

This is hauntingly beautiful!

by that logic, other games have a straight insert? When almost all games are straight, why do people complain about little queer representation?

these are absolutely amazing, thank you!

These look so good, and keep getting better and better! All of these contain within them so many stories to tell.

Hope you’re doing better, LimeZu!

These are just gorgeous!


this is so good! love it. makes me want to bust out gbstudio and TRY making something worth playing hehe.

Every update is a game-changer! Love it!

This is wicked awesome! Yes, it really helps. Thank you so much

Love Decker! I haven’t been able to figure out how to make data persistent, if that’s possible. Would love to store some variables like a nickname a person chooses, or store the number of times they’ve run a timer, etc

Axes of the Dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you!

Love that one of my favorite artists on here loves Tolkien too!

Love it! Great work as always :3

This is so good! Thanks for the generous license. I'll be sure to link back and credit you if I use these ^~^

Love the non-NFT clause! Will definitely give you credit :D Was asking because I'm trying to limit using assets with CCBYSA, but even if yours was that, I'd still use it (and adhere by CCBYSA, ofc)

Thanks for sharing, this is great art! Sending good vibes!

Love your work! Thanks for the generous license :)

Beautiful assets! These are really stunning. What license are they under?

This is gorgeous! What license are they under?

Great work, this is beautiful <3


These are so gorgeous!

This is hilarious, thanks for sharing ^~^

Holy shit, this is actually perfect! I love this. It's cute, wholesome, relaxing, and has so many aspects to it than just a virtual tamagotchi/vpet. Also the ability to export? *chef's kiss* 

Thanks for your work!

This really grew on me. The atmosphere, the music, the interface, your writing. There's nothing to not like!

Love your work! Is this CC0? I'll definitely attribute and give credits to you in any case but just wanted to know :D

That makes sense. Thanks for your generosity and your amazing art!! :D

Hey Caz! Been a fan of your work for quite some time now :D 

Still a bit of a noob so sorry but I'm a little confused on what "engine-free" means. Does that mean irrespective of engine / not engine specific? Or am I misunderstanding?

Feeling is mutual. We should celebrate symmetry of the situation :D

0x72, I admire you much more now because of your response, had me cracking and it's so nice to see (most of the) art community stand against all that capitalistic BS. Cheers :)

This is simply gorgeous! I want to start a new project just so I can use these :D

Wow, this is simply breathtaking! Super inspiring. Thanks for this, cheers!

This is so cool! Can't wait to spend hours lost in this. <3

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This is primarily why I bought a Raspberry Pi years ago! To make a somewhat-modular handheld computer that could do the things I want it to do. Nothing more, nothing less. The best part is you can do everything you described in your post including the solar panel thing! (You probably know that already, but thought it could be useful for people who might not :D)

But yup, would be amazing if these were available the way the touch screen devices of today are available.

Thanks for the writing and your insights! <3

This is beautiful! Love it. A bit new to the Bitsy scene, my Google-fu is usually good but I couldn't find the color hack. Is it available, and where could I find out more about it? Sorry about the question. 

But beautiful game, beautiful art, I love it! :)

So privileged to be able to sit safely at home and experience this Bitsy. Because that's all it's for me, and a lot of other people. I close this tab and it's gone. Poof! But no. It's so many people's reality. They can't escape. I can turn off the news when I'm sad. But what about millions stuck in awful situations all over the world?

Breaks my heart. Wish peace and love to everyone and sending all the good vibes I can gather.  Thanks for volunteering <3 Hope all of this ends fast and everyone gets to have some semblance of normalcy. Much love.

Good luck with the moving! Hope you're done with it soon and can relax :D

Hey! Do you have a tutorial or if it isn't too much work and if you're okay with it, do you mind sharing the autotile files? I'm having difficulty with it, especially the 3D walls

Hey, how can I remove the black part? And is there a way I can use 3D walls tileset with RPGMaker MV or should I have to build a room and use the picture as a parallax?