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It all clicked into place now, I understand the basic concept. This is one of the easiest sign making programs I have used. Nice job Charlie good luck with your launch. Thanks Joe

Glad to see you're figuring things out and I appreciate your vote of confidence :)

If you have any ideas or feedback for how to improve things and make the interface or workflow even better feel free to share!

 - Charlie

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One thing comes to mind immediately, after initial design when you resize the canvas, it would be easier if you had a recenter layer on canvas option without doing the X - Y origin for each layer perhaps in the layer properties box next to invert .  Or did I miss that ?  Thanks Joe

Absolutely, this has been something I've been planning on figuring out the best way to go about for a while but haven't invested much into it just yet. Layer origins are represented in canvas-space rather than machine-space, so as the canvas size changes they just sit there, relative to the front-left of the canvas. I was considering changing it to machine-space but then if you move the canvas' machine origin they'll need special-case handling to move them around relative to the center or front-left of the canvas.

I'll definitely keep it in mind as we move forward and figure something out ;)

 - Charlie