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Oh wow! Thank you so much for your prompt reply! No- that sounds really exciting, and I love hearing about this sort of information! If you marry Guillaume, but don't necessarily romance him, will you have the option to later fall in love with him? Will children talks be a thing? And you said before that MC will now have more personality options- are these in combination with the original three, or are they subsets of the original three- and could you give an example, if you're okay with spoilering? XD

But this does sound like it's going to be great- again, thank you for the informative reply!

Hmm, not sure about the Guillaume or children thing yet - I'll have to see how things develop as I write each route. I don't want to promise things here that won't end up in the final game. 

As for the traits, well, at the moment they are going to be a choice of another three personality traits (from a potential nine) to add on to your original three traits (which you will again pick at the start of the game with all the other information from 'Rose'), so you'll have six in total. 

I don't have any examples as yet, I'll probably decide on them once I begin writing the routes - that way I hope the traits themselves will develop from the narrative rather than me picking them beforehand and trying to shoehorn them in later.