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Same here. It's on Linux, but not mac? TRIGGERED

The mac version is still under development. It have some evil glitches. As soon as I Fixed it, it'll come :)


The real question is... Why are you gaming on a Mac? XD


Plz stay on joke level! This isnt the wich platform is better comment section. :)

I'm working on the MAC version,  because there are a lot player on that platform too.
You'd be surprised  too how much Linux  player downloaded the game already. ;)


Surprise me, can you show me the stats?

its about 7-8 percent of the players. Much more than I expected  And I think is bigger market then Linux. 

Anyway... we'll see that :)


Sorry, I was joking, I could have easily ask, "Why am I gaming on Linux? xD"


The REAL QUESTION IS why shouldn't u game on a Mac