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There will be several updates in the future, thats sure. And yeah, there are a lots of ask for the "T" track, so probably it will be available in the future, but will be really rare.

The fix is up! tell me if it happens again

Soo finally I just uploaded the new version with a lots of fixes, but the most important part is, how from now you will see easily how which side is connectable -> Big orange arrows showing them :D

Thank you :)

Am yeah I have to show much more clearly how where/from which direction you can connect the stations. The lumberyard on the right side of the picture can be connected from the east (right) side and you are trying to connect from north.

And just a qusestion: which version are you playing? Linux/Mac? The water texture not perfect on the screen you attached, and I should look after it :)

This will be fixed in the next update. [If you are mean the train stuck bug ;) ]

This will be fixed in the next update. Probably in 1-2 day! and than you, I'm glad you like it! I'll continue the development as this is my little fun project to chill a bit after a long day. So the plan is to support it and expand it week to week :)

Yep, this is not the final control and also not the final game, just a prototype. The building of rails will be changed as the rails popup will be disabled and you will see the possible routes instantly as you build one. You click on the desired one, and you will se the next ones in that moment, etc... So you have to hold down only once and then just click/tapping on the right ones.

Amm... yeah I'ts maybe sounds a bit too complex, but belive me, it will be cool!

Also there will be tons of improvments and quality of life updates. This version was about to make it work, now comes the fun part of the development :)

thank you :)

thank you, we'll do our best. but still have tons of polishing on this version. then we can start searching a publisher :)

thats the point, you have to find it in the world. there are several clues for that.

just a small sneak peak from the new lighting:

Tha main reason is in the change to low-poly is we had the opportunity to by these type of assets. a lot. Thus, we have the opportunity to build a coherent but diverse world from it. We are two programmer/game designer without 3d modeller in the team, so we are working from what we can get :)
The overall quality will be much higher than it was in NeonCode1. At least... this is the plan :D

Thank you for the feedback, I'll try some new lighting setup and we'll see if it's better or not.

Yep we have and a demo version of the new prototype coming to steam for free in 2-3 months. 
This is a newer version than project Moon Was, closer to the atmosphere of the original episode. 
Here are some brand new screenshots:

Did you use a mouse or controller? What would you change on the control? We try to please everyone's needs with the control. Probably there will be some option for that. (this mouse control is the 5th version of it)

How you been you can rotate only 90degs? Can you make a video about it please? That would be a big help. We tested the game with several Linux distribution, but no one reported this kind of bug yet. Soo you are our only source to fix it :)

Thank you Jeremy! 

Yeah, this was a loooot work since than. We thought creating a racing game will be fast and easy. ...well, that's not :D But finally we are here with the version 1.0 and we can celebrate. The official launch is on this Sunday with a new trailer ;)

We will make it. In the next few days we come out from Early Access stage with our new game "Neon Wings: Air Race". After that we need little break, but after that the next project is the NeonCode 2. You can find a small techdemo on my profile called "Blue Tiger" thats the prorotype for NeonCode 2

Thank you! This is really useful for us, because this game jam game was a prototype for us, to find out what we need before start to work on NeonCode 2 :)

Thank you :)

Sadly this game won't change in the future. It was just an experiment 3 years ago for me to find out can I create something alone or not. Probably we will create a sequel after we finished Neon Wings: Air Race.

thank you!
We have big plans with NeonCode 2, but before that we want to finish the racing game we are working on now. It's callad Neon Wings: Air Race

thank you :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! ;)

When you exit from the first cave level? thats coused usually if you not using vulcan API (and the most problem on linux)

Thank you! Can I count on your video when the game is done? :)