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Probably a mistake, but the game assets mostly free around the internet. I can search the exact download links if you want. 

Also if you are intrested in any of the codes I wrote for this game I can send it to you. Which part you want to check?

May can you make a video about this? That would help a lot

It's a good start to figure it out. I have some idea, so I try to reproduce the bug. Thank you for the feedback! :)
May that can help if you tell me, this bug appeared for you on the 1st or at the 2nd level too?

Thank you! I'll try my best in the future too :)

thank you :)

Maybe you havr controller plugged in?

Thank you oliver! :)

Thank you very much. Yeah now the slide is a little laggy, couse I'm trying to optimize the game as much as possible. Maybe I should try something in the middle :)

Thank you for the review GrayDeathSociety! If you need a free key to create video about the full version, write an email to me, and I'll send some :)

I made a todo list on the game page for the v0.92 and added you suggestions. I'll have to redo a big part of the platform moving to fix some bigger issues and hopefully after that for example the 3 undo will be enabled

Sounds as a mini challenge :D

if you wait 2-3minutes its still not loading? I had this kind of issue before

Thank you, I'll fix these in the next version :)

Thank you for the feedback!
After that loads the openworld part of the game. Is your rig meets the minimum system req? If yes, please describe your system and I'll try to look up, what's the problem.

Thanks, I hope you'll like it :)

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How you mean laggy? Is your system reach the minimum req? Try to lower the graphics from the options menu!

And yeah this is an early access version therefore I'm fixing bugs you guys reporting. :)
The source code wont be public soon, that's sure. Maybe after I released the game on all mayor platforms. Maybe next year... we'll see. honestly, i dont have plan for that.

Thank you for the video card info! This was really useful! 

The footsteps volume will be generally decreased in the next version, and about the music I can offer a music volume/mute button. If you turn off the music it will be more like the "The Witness" :)

I almost forgot: the v0.90 Full version for Mac users will be uploaded in the next 24 hours!

Thank you, I'll try to make a really good and polished game now. Soo if you have ideas or found a bug, thats more then welcomed.
Aaand after finishing the game (download the latest version for it v0.84) please tell me what you think about: is the game need more level?

Okay, I've just add FluxCaves. I hope you'll like it guys :)

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Thank you for the kind words, and I'll check GDWC ASAP :)

Am, just a question. I'm making game as a hobby in my freetime, but I put in Steam them for $1 at the end. This makes me Pro? I don't feeling myself as pro :D or is it fit in slightly into the HOBBY category?

Can you make a video from this bug? You can use the software OBS  for that its freeware

If I actually see whats happening probably can fix it :)

thank you biotom. I'm glad you like it :) if you need a steam key for it, write a pm for me on the neoncode fb page! ;)

FluxCaves Pt. 2 | They're Getting More Difficult! 
"I finally got stuck on a level. It was bound to happen at some point."

Thank you for the great video Mr Skysen, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Before you continue your adventure you should download the actual version 0.6 or wait for v0.7. These contains a lots of bugfix which was related with ice movement. And yeah, some new leveles too

Hey NeonCode players! Check out my new 3d puzzle game which have a public alpha demo now! :)

Hehehh, yeah it is 
At the and maybe I'll by GTX 1050 Ti  too, who needs 1070 then?? :D

Hey, this sounds really good. I worked a lot to optimize it  :D which graphics quality setting you used?

Did not heard about that game, but I'll check it out. Thank you for the tip, and I'll try my best to grow up for the expectations! :)

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Yeah sure, almost the same in content. May you will find more bugs, but nothing gamebreaker  :)

There was tons of bugfix, material and texture changes. Also the Unity Engine was updated under the game.
I noticed the size change, but never went after it, the game is kinda the same. So there is only a small sidequest is extra in the Steam version which is new content.

Yeah you are right, the basic mechanisms comes form Sokoban and the pipe games. I dont know why I skipped them as refference from the game description. Now I fixed it :)

The block rotating device is a good idea, I'll figure out something today. 

For pushing block besied each other, I made a reset mechanism for all puzzles. But also want to make an Undo Last step feature, but that have some problematic technical part, what I have to figure out before implementing. :)

And thank you for the comments Blitz! As soon the game have rotating platform, I'll inform you :D

thank you! finally I found today what's the problem with the elevator.  This wasnt an easy one to figure out :D
The elevator lifts up the yellow when the block is on the edge, and the elevator come up after that. So nooow I can fix it.  this is the real beauty of game development :D

Which block making this, the orange crystal block or the pipe one? 
I'll check this, thank you for the feedback! ;)

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The long term plan is ofc the Steam release, but before that I have to do a lot. I mean more level, hidden collectibles, story, but I have tons of ideas, which I hope will fit in the game too :)

Proboably the game will be on Steam in this year. I can't even say a more precise date yet, because I don't know when it's gonna be finished.

Aaand ofc I'm glad you liked it! Thank you! ;)

Thank you for posting it here too! And ofc as one of my favorite video makers, I'll search you when Flux is near to completr,  to create a new video maybe!? :)

Thank you for the video! I'll check the level05 for this problem. Probably there was an error when you hit the reset button, and after that everything crashed in the background. :P

Hehehh, yeah this is the challenge in this kind of game to figure it out. :) Am  here is the solution:

If it starts, your FPS will be very low. And I'm not sure, it starts.

Just write me a PM on the facebook page and I send you as many you want! ;)