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Thank you for the video, it was awsome as always! :) It gave us good feedback. We'll have a big update in 1-2 weeks with some portals, etc. Just I have to finish a game I'm working on with a team before I can concentrate on this one 100% :)

Yeah, honestly these icons are the same. It's a work in progress placeholder yet. :)

Yeah, ofc. The game will have Master,SFX, Music volume slider in an options menu. As soon as we'll get there ;)

We had a bug before like this, I thought I fixe it. Soo I'll look after it again. Probably I know what's cousing the trouble, just I have to reproduce it somehow. Thanks for the feedback! ;)

Thank you! Can I count on your video when the game is done? :)

Yeah, I want to make Linux version. Before I had several issues with Flux Caves on Linux, but I'll try my best :)

Thank you! Probably I will ask for some help for some characters, animations and mainly for the story/dialoge part to make it happen faster. We'll see how much resource I'll have after finishing the work on Chicken Police :)

your welcome, and thank you for playing it ;)

thank you very much :)

I don't really know how it works here on itch. Probably the staff can help you in this question :)

thank you :)

Yeah, I'm always had problem with the system req. Now I found  a solution: no outside environment :D :D

Thank you very much :)

No promises, but check this out :)

thanks :)

thank you :)

Ofc. Just write an email to and i'll send the key asap ;)

briliant video, thank you! :)

Thank you KDi, and dont forget the cakes in the new update! ;)

Actually I'm searching someone who wuld try out one new test build. This is just on level with varied shaders. Hopefully this wont be that "black" If you have time, please telle me, what you experienced. ;)

I'm on several discord servers, but yeah I dont have my own. Do you think there would be need for it? 

thank you :)

Are you intrested in free steam key/keys to finish the game? :)

Thank you for the video! :) Tha game will be available on Steam in tomorrow if you are intrested in! ;)

Thank you for the kind words :)

Yeah ofc, I heard about it, Flux won one of the game of the week voting. here is the project page:
Hopefully I can visit Findland at the end :)

Yeah thats used a different technic for volumetric lights. I changed that to make it run smoother on linux, and thats backfired a little bit. There is a small bug, which will be fixed, but I'm waiting for someone to help in that, couse I'm not that good in shader programming.

Yep, you cant se farther then 1m in the game, its unplayable on Linux right now. I'll need some time to fix this.

Yeah its seems like the Linux version is broken now, because of one assets error. I'm discussing the problem with the assets creator, what we can do with this now. 

It will run on lower, configs but I cannot garantee the stable 30FPS on native resolution. Thats the Minimum for me. I've tested it on GeForce GT710, and yeah its running but with 640x480 all minimum graphics and around 18-25 FPS

Is your rig meets the minimum system?

  • CPU: AMD A8-5600 or similar Intel
  • RAM: 8 GB  
  • VGA: nVidia GTX 1060 3Gb

Actually I made a different kinda game in the last months. It's called Flux Caves
The neoncode spinoff's draft script is already written. It will be probably a more action based game, but we'll see. I'm not rushing it now, but it's not forgotten. :)

thank you. I hope you'll like the gameplay too :)

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I've just started to prepare for the steam release. Probably there will be some minor change  between the v0.95 and the Steam version. but hopefully I dont have to fix too much thins from now :) The ETA is June 7, I'll try to keep it.

Hey there, thank you for the video. Hop you liked it as much you liked NeonCode :) I watch this ASAP, and please send an email to and I'll send you a free download link for the full version! ;)

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There is an intersection  around front of the level 11. If you go there, you'll see open world puzzle 02 on your left down. Turn right and, here is level 13 :)

Finding the levels is kinda part of the game, level 18 is the most difficult to find 

These can be fixed easily. I'll make these changes into v0.94! ;)

Probably a mistake, but the game assets mostly free around the internet. I can search the exact download links if you want. 

Also if you are intrested in any of the codes I wrote for this game I can send it to you. Which part you want to check?

May can you make a video about this? That would help a lot

It's a good start to figure it out. I have some idea, so I try to reproduce the bug. Thank you for the feedback! :)
May that can help if you tell me, this bug appeared for you on the 1st or at the 2nd level too?

Thank you! I'll try my best in the future too :)