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Just write me a PM on the facebook page and I send you as many you want! ;)

steam key. sry

yeah i know this was a big dilemmo for mee too. Thats why i give free steam to everyone who ask for it. There is donate payment method on steam and this was the mid solution. 

It comes from, this was my first release on each platform and this was a good learning round for mee.

Btw in the steam version tons of buc fixes and there are a new sidequest. thats v1.00 and this is 0.88

thank you :)

My dear supporters! The game is released on steam with v1.0.

Anyone who want a free key for that version all you need is just ask here! For the start here is some key as a starting present. If you have time, please write a review on the steam page! thank you again :)


Hy, dont know whats the problem but write me an email and I'll send a direct link to you to download! ;)

hehe, thanks :D

That is possible, just I'm hesitating how is it morally okay if a game is free from the beginning and after finishing it it will be payed one.  
Amm this sounds strange...  :D

I'll try to explain another way:
Never thought how I will make v1.0 anytime and I said erveryone this will be free forever because I'll never finish it. or may I'm overthinking it?

Thank you

Thank you very much! ;)

I'm still thinking on the good solution. On steam I cannut use "donate like" payment method. So I have to sell it for 1~3 dollars. Beside that, that would be strange if you can download the same game for free which is 1~3 dollar on steam. The 0.88/0.89 versions are almost completed games whit some minor bug. Sooo probably these will be available for free in the future too and if somebody wants the v1.0 and same new feature, that will be on steam.

...but I listen every solution idea! ;)

Than you :)

Thanks :)

Thank you for the video! :)

Thank you very much! I already have the plans for a splinoff, maybe I can start working on it next year! ;)

Thank you :)

I hope your liked the game ;)

thanks for playing ;)

Its downloading from Dropbox. Is that working for you?

rly like these looped endings haha :D ty :)

Thank you! :)

[BEFORE/AFTER] Ethan's bar development: first version made at  2017 december

Omg. This was funny and unique :D Thank you :)

Omg there is some wall without collider. That's new! :D Thank you for the video, nice editing! :)

Thank you for the two video. There will be #3 ending part? :)

Voice acting was in the plans before, but I dont have the financial background for a good one. Probably that part wont missing in my next game, but thats a far future (more than 1 year) couse now I'm already in a new game project with 3 fellow devs.

Am, the compass arrow is not perfect I know now. That would be much better with 360deg  rounding around the display's edge. But the whole idea was to make a really clear almost non-gui game. without any text or gui element on the screen.

And Yeah, the loading bar is faked, because the Unity's loading prediction is catastrophic. So I calced an avarge loading time on the test machines and that is the 100% now. I hope Unity  will fix this in the future.

Thank you for playing NeonCode :)

Thank you :)

Yep, the Intel VGA is the problem, checked it.

Unfortunately I dont own ani Mac at home, so usually  I test on friends system. I'll discuss this problem with one of my friend tomorrow. I hope he can say something. He had problem with retina display and 4k, but after he reduced it, the game worked like charm. Maybe the VGA is not Intel in his spec.

Probably my next game will be simpler. This was too much to text and polish for one man. Soo I'll try to simpliciter some elements to gain tons of time. For example less NPC or less point where you can do several puzzle in one time. We can say it will be more linear, but more time for puzzles. :)

You can download the music from here

OMG, never see this big crash before :D  I hope you finished it from the last checkpoint :)

What is the resolution you use?

write an email for the and I'll send you a direct link for the mac version

ok where you stuck? Click on download > donate if you want > choose version to download > aaaand its done :)

Okay, I'll search you as soon as creating second episode is in range! ;)

Now you can download the macOS version! ;)

I think the story is now complete. Soo I'll just make bugfixes for this game in the future.
But I'm open for a second episode if I can make a team around me. Alone that would be too big project. We'll see :)

It's done. You can download it now! :)

thank you ;)

thank you :)