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HM. I think I found a bug: In chapter 4, I was able to go all the way to the left, and dropped off the screen (there's a bar at the bottom I was able to see as I press left or right, but couldn't see my character, and couldn't seem to do anything else).

Also couldn't figure out what  to do at  that part before that -- couldn't QUITE make it onto the ledge at the far right either. I'll give it another go.

That aside, very nice game. :)


Yup, after another try of NOT going  off that left ledge of doom, I figured it out and finished the game. Solid stuff. :)

Glad you liked it, I thought I had fixed all the issues with walking off the level, but I guess you found a way!  Once the judging for Ludum Dare is over I will fix that gap so you can't fall out of the world.  Thanks for playing.


I took that as a secret ending. Because all farewells are sudden ;).