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I didn't get as much money, but I managed to kill 5 more monsters and beat your score. ;)

Brilliant, delightful game with a solid variety of monsters and items/ powerups, and that's easy to get into. Really glad I took the time to check it out. :)

Echoing what at least one other person said, I feel that this has a lot of potential if expanded upon and released as a paid version, especially if more cards are added overall, and also if more cards are collected to be shuffled into the deck as you play within a game, and that carry over from one game to the next. Toss some extra characters as well, and possibly even a smattering of story/ character development, and this one'd have all the makings of something truly special.

Even as it stands though, again, this is a real gem. Kudos! :D

Great game! :D

Nifty stuff with  the large mech, and its modifications and what they're used for, as well as with the "world map" . :) Lots of potential here! Great work.

Yup, after another try of NOT going  off that left ledge of doom, I figured it out and finished the game. Solid stuff. :)

HM. I think I found a bug: In chapter 4, I was able to go all the way to the left, and dropped off the screen (there's a bar at the bottom I was able to see as I press left or right, but couldn't see my character, and couldn't seem to do anything else).

Also couldn't figure out what  to do at  that part before that -- couldn't QUITE make it onto the ledge at the far right either. I'll give it another go.

That aside, very nice game. :)


Also, this is pretty neat. A way to export the midis would be super swell.

Only  a short ways into this, but it's pretty neat (and much better than experimenting on real rats, of course).

Thank you SO much for this. Truly remarkable, and something I always wanted even though I never quite knew it. Fantastic! :O