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A delight! (ALSO just checked out Orbys -- fantastic! :O )

(note that glitching through walls might lead you to an "alternate ending", such as this one ;) SPOILER WARNING...)

Thanks! :D

Who was behind "Dr. Moonlight's Happyworld" in this? Was that an Elektrix joint as well, or was it by someone else?

As would I. Who was behind that one?

Just checked out some of the others:

-Dr. Moonlight's Happyworld: Other than Xoo, it's one of the standouts. Something about the graphics for the creatures, the setting, and the puzzley nature of the game and some of its combat all make for a nice blend. There's something neat here that more people should check out.

-Ultra Frontier QQYYZZ: Not too shabby for what it is, though I wasn't able to get very far.

-Star Dartle 2000: Shmup with  an interesting wrinkle. I have NO idea how I'd keep  up  with the count on my  own, but it's a very neat idea that adds a touch of complexity  that  I've not  seen elsewhere. :)

-Owlbears: Simple, but the enemy types' varied behaviours add just enough complexity to it to bump it up out of the monotony that would be there if there was only the charging monsters.

And again, Xoo is a delight.

Have yet to try out the others, but I've really enjoyed Xoo: Xeno Xafari.

I have however, been unable to find two of the creatures, despite having been at it for 50 in-game days:

-Homo Impersonatus

Am I just unlucky, or am I missing something. The only other ideas I had to try to find them were:

-Accumulating X number of eggs

-Accumulating X amount of money

-Maybe one of the outfits that says it does nothing?...

-Can I only find these with the two other characters that you can pick?

Otherwise, I'm a bit stumped.

Regardless, I thought Xoo: Xeno Xafari was a good time! I always love the Willy Electrix creatures and their fantastic descriptive text blurbs. Wonderous! :)

(I'll have to make the time for the other/stanalone Xoo: Xeno Xafari one of these days as well, as it seems that is a different game than this one.)

For some reason, I did not realize until now that this is not the same exact game as Xoo: Xeno Xafari game that is included in the 1999: Megallenium 6-in-1 Mega Cart thing... You may want to... indicate that somewhere (or if it is, maybe more prominently).

Yes: You can add extra players by clicking the flags on the starting screen, and then selecting either the Globe icon or the Blender icon depending on whether you want to pick an existing country or a new one.

Play is NOT simultaneous however -- each player has a turn at each event before medals are given out and the next one begins.

Fantastic. Brings back wonderful memories of the seasonal sorts games of the Commodore 64 era. An online multiplayer version of this would be truly, truly splendid in this COVID era, especially if some head-to-head type events could be added. Regardless, even as is, this is pretty darn great. :D

Played it with an Xbox controller. Silly good fun. :) Looking forward to giving it a go with other players. The various gameplay modes were a nice touch as well, as they added some extra wrinkles. :D

That's what I call...

Good television!


Pretty great! This does a wonderful job of capturing that type of "interactive toy" game of a bygone CD-ROM era. It's unfortunate that more of these types of games aren't still made today. Very nice. :)

Very cool graphics for the "familiar shapes" backgrounds. :) Excellent stuff. :D

Just clicked the Google Play link, and it was broken, fyi.

I really enjoyed what you did here. Speaking as a Mother-series fan, I think you've really put together something inspiring with this. Great stuff, and fantastic work on the music as well. Merveilleux!

I didn't get as much money, but I managed to kill 5 more monsters and beat your score. ;)

Brilliant, delightful game with a solid variety of monsters and items/ powerups, and that's easy to get into. Really glad I took the time to check it out. :)

Echoing what at least one other person said, I feel that this has a lot of potential if expanded upon and released as a paid version, especially if more cards are added overall, and also if more cards are collected to be shuffled into the deck as you play within a game, and that carry over from one game to the next. Toss some extra characters as well, and possibly even a smattering of story/ character development, and this one'd have all the makings of something truly special.

Even as it stands though, again, this is a real gem. Kudos! :D

Great game! :D

Nifty stuff with  the large mech, and its modifications and what they're used for, as well as with the "world map" . :) Lots of potential here! Great work.

Yup, after another try of NOT going  off that left ledge of doom, I figured it out and finished the game. Solid stuff. :)

HM. I think I found a bug: In chapter 4, I was able to go all the way to the left, and dropped off the screen (there's a bar at the bottom I was able to see as I press left or right, but couldn't see my character, and couldn't seem to do anything else).

Also couldn't figure out what  to do at  that part before that -- couldn't QUITE make it onto the ledge at the far right either. I'll give it another go.

That aside, very nice game. :)


Also, this is pretty neat. A way to export the midis would be super swell.

Only  a short ways into this, but it's pretty neat (and much better than experimenting on real rats, of course).

Thank you SO much for this. Truly remarkable, and something I always wanted even though I never quite knew it. Fantastic! :O