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Is it better for me to use Superpowers (Ur other game engine) or this?

I know both, Ts & Lua so it dosen't matter which one I choose


Hi again! CraftStudio was a project I built in 2011-2013 focused on blocky/pixely games. Superpowers was a follow-up with a small team built in 2015-2016, with better 2D capabilities.

Neither of them are actively maintained at this point, so I can't recommend that you use them for anything serious, but to the extent they still work, they can be fun to use and do provide a pretty unique experience with the real-time collaboration.

Hello again! (I'm supremely sorry for this, just tracking down active recent users / devs that could help me directly) I'm wondering if you have some time to help me solve a problem in regards to Superpowers itself:

Hey...spill some beans on Hytale's Modeling tool (can you at least tell us what file formats it will support for import/export?)