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Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Can you make it open-source ?

Please add a description. Also , is this a game engine?

Amazing game.  Btw did you use for this ?

The man did nothing wrong

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Is it better for me to use Superpowers (Ur other game engine) or this?

I know both, Ts & Lua so it dosen't matter which one I choose


Hello There.
Was wondering if you made this game in SuperPowers (Ur game Engine)

Did you stop working on it?

Cheers :)

Thanks :)

It may not be able to export, but it's amazing

Ok. I'll try

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Hello . I wanted to use this engine (For Jams) . Do I need to install Java or something ? Also , dose it support windows?

Cheers :)

What Game Engine do you use for these games ? It's just amazing to see

Also, what IDE do I use to write umka code?

You can use MULTIPLAYER in Tophat? That's just amazing. Continue updating the engine

Hello . Just found out about this game engine. I wanted a good game engine for Game Jams (I think this is perfect). 

What is the fastest way for me to learn umka?

btw , I recommed adding the tag "tophat" to your game (RAIDER)

It would be EXTREMELY Useful

Thanks :)

The free version has all the features of the paid one as well , right?

Thanks :)

How did you learn to use tic-80 . I really want to learn how to make games with fantasy consoles?