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If you my reply to Zombieskull's comment and reply to him you'll certainly see this comment, Mrdrnose.  I have two glitches/bugs that I would like to report to you.  Both are things that have been commented on by CubesforBreakfast and I, but I was unsure about if you saw them or not.

Bug I found (I posted this in the comments of the 0.0.7a-b devlog, just a copy-paste of that comment): "I would like to report a bug.  Whenever you enter/exit the bunker or RUST rooms the player is facing the wrong direction.  This can result in you walking too far back into the black room behind the door and having it close on you, trapping you behind the door without being able to leave.  It is also just inconvenient to have to press left, right, or back whenever I enter the rooms and then turn around.  I would appreciate it if in your next patch you fix this problem so you face toward the bunker/RUST rooms, as well as the way you are facing when you exit them."

Bug found by Cubes/MelonMan (in my own words, not from his comment): You can get Viktor stuck in trash cans in level 1 and 2.  This is obviously a pretty cheap exploit in level 1 as he is the only real threat and this makes the game unfairly easy.  The easy way to fix this is by making Viktor be able to walk through them, as the nav_mesh is programed already to have him be able to go past them, thus is why he doesn't go around them.

One last thing is that I think that any glitch-runs of level 1 shouldn't be put on the leaderboard.  Glitch runs of level 2 I believe should be allowed to be put on the leaderboard (for only one reason, which I will get to shortly).  In level 1, Viktor is the only threat, so getting him trapped is just a ticket for people who suck at the game to get on the leaderboard without any effort at all.  After dealing with Viktor by getting him stuck, the only "threat" is Mrmix, who is relatively easily to deal with when Viktor can't get you while you help him, who was the main problem while dealing with Mrmix.  The only glitch that can get Viktor permanently stuck doesn't even require luck or anything, all you need to do is stand behind a trash bin at the start and you win.  Having the names of several youtubers who didn't even put forth a sliver of effort to win just because of one glitch, a glitch that isn't slightly impressive and can be pulled off with so little effort, that doesn't even require you to do LITERALLY ANYTHING.  It would take away the meaning of having your name next to a bunch of people who did nothing to win while you put large amounts of effort in, it would just be heartbreaking.  That is why level 1 glitch runs shouldn't be put on the completers leaderboard.  So please don't put glitch-runs of level 1 on the leaderboard, Mrdrnose!!!!

(The following is just me defending why I think my run for level 2 should be kept, so you might want to skip out on this if you aren't Mrdrnose): The reason I defend stage 2 glitch runs, or at least mine :P, is because it actually takes large amounts of good R.N.G. and over an hour of planning.  Unlike level 1, the teachers aren't the only problems or threats, this level has many other enemies that don't need to rely on just Viktor or whoever is the teacher of that level to kill you while you deal with them.  These enemies are Doggos, Phonty, and the Mannequin.  Phonty does a really good job keeping you moving, as Mrmix was only a threat do to the fact that Viktor is chasing you and you usually get killed by Viktor while you are helping him.  The big level also makes it a lot more difficult to plan out and break the level, because you have to go back to Phonty every five seconds.  Unlike Mrmix, Phonty doesn't permanently hate you more and more, he just straight up kills you if you fail once.  Doggos is an amazing run killer, as he usually sees you before you hear his music, which also helps prove my points of it being more difficult, as he prevents you from moving, which also helps Phonty.  Finally, there is the Mannequin, the most stressful of them all.  He always follows you, even before the game, and he usually kills you the most before the game starts.  Plus, he instant kills you if you are in a notebook, also makes him a good threat.  Don't get me started about the head teacher and Phonty, they work amazingly together.  You can't get Marzia stuck at endgame, as she is teleported to a new location, this also makes it so you can't just get all of her language notebooks wrong, as she will always catch up to you if you get too many wrong.  Since I'm getting tired of typing, I will just say that I was the first person to beat the second level, and that run is impossible to recreate.

*If you actually were paying attention to my comment and reading, Mrdrnose, I guess I can tell you a third glitch in the game involving the second level.  It is very hard to perform, but if you stop Mr. Cleany with the Alarm Clock in the middle of the skinny hallway right after the starting room of the level, the Mannequin can get stuck in him, as if Mr. Cleany is a wall.  I managed to perform it during my winning run, just in the perfect spot just outside the door of the starting room, which is how I discovered it.*

Can you tell that I was worried about some things being put in the next update?

Thanks to all for these bug reports, nav_mesh ignores trash can meshes and viktor stucks in it, and i fix problem with doors, and patch will be able today, just wait some time.

And i remove alarm clock because it not so necessary and creates a lot of different glitches. Also i fix bug with belt when holded item from belt can't teleport to rust.

honestly i just like the glitch because ive always wanted to be on the language level

but, here is an issue. you used multiple glitches on the last run. you used the viktor glitch, the marzia glitch, you said you used the glitch for the bloody mannequin, and mr cleany clean. so the only threats you had to worry about was phonty and doggos

Also the head teacher was a threat, I just don't know where she was.  I did see her at multiple points in the run, so I know she wasn't stuck.  Also also, the fact that the mannequin is only able to get stuck in the skinny corridor still makes him a threat.  He almost killed me multiple times in his "stuck" state.