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yeah. no clue where the 11th one actually is.

go get the 11th notebook. then get to the exit. easier said than done by alot tho.


im sorry but honestly. where the hecking heck heck is the next update

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ok so with our information lets make a complete sentence. you are a terrible chef, i should to punish you, and the punish is... BOILING IN THE CAULDRON! I SHALL MAKE YOU MY HOT SAUCE! which i think is very close to what he actually says

edit, i watched a video of it, and i think it actually says I SHALL BOIL AND COOK YOU IN MY HOT SAUCE. not quite sure. but i think were close

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I know right! I hear, "You are a terrible chef, I shall punish you. YOU WILL MAKE GOOD HOT SAUCE!" That's what I get out of it!

does this update hold new subjects?

yo whenstis teh next update? i want grammar lessons

mrdrnose when are you going to update the game

why does this game even exist its so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bad gayme!!!!! it maked me sad when i touch it. called me total n00b but i touch it! it told me to! so i retry and dont press and it was trying make me die so i had to click and it said i lost again game so bad and mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

average mind of a 5yr old.

yeah. sure. you know the chef is totally in baldi, you know albert is totally in baldi, the rooms of freaking hell are totally in baldi, theres totally 11 notebooks in baldi, totally the idea to splash the soda on the jacket is totally in baldi you know the whole idea of more subjects is totally in baldi. YOU ARE SO WRONG! THESE ARE ALL THINGS THAT ARENT IN BALDI. ITS BALDIS BASICS WITH A SKIN MOD SURE I ACCEPT THAT. BUT ITS SO MUCH MORE!

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hm... so... heres a sentence from ur description

Math teacher Viktor Strobovsky will say what to do.

so is it viktor strobovsky? or viktor strobovski?

just a question

update the game soon also

add grammar


edit - they fixed it! thanks for listening to me