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ok. anybody. what version did mix beat language level on? and how to get the knife again i keep forgetting sorry lol. but if i can use the elevator glitch, and put down a ton of melon after doing the final notebook i can do it without viktor which would be nice. but thats all i want to know because then i could probably beat the game on language mode.

First, go to the punishment room and get a lockpick in the trashbin. If you don't have the black key artifact, go to the hallway that leads to the forest. That long hallway. Go to the hallway and put trash in front of the "Staff only" room so that Mr Cleany will go to the room and open it. If you have the black key artifact, just open that door. Then go to the left door and go until you see a door. Don't go through it. Open the left locker with a lockpick and then you will get the rusty knife. Put it in your belt.

also im cubesforbreakfast just cant log into my account but how to get belt lol

Get to Freek'adel'ka's RUST room and obtain the belt artifact.

To do that, take the rusty knife and go to the long corridor that leads to the forest.

Then, go to the long hallway and take out the rusty knife. Then into that staff only room and if you have the black key artifact. open it.

If you don't, leave trash as close as you can to trigger Mr Cleany to open it for you. Then go into the door.

Then go to the right while holding the rusty knife artifact. Then you will be in freekadelka's room. I recommend running straight until you see a way to the left. Then just run straight until a wall meets you. Then turn right and go to the second way. Then put rusty knife in your belt by holding tab and pressing the middle mouse button while holding the rusty knife. If you need more help in this game i might help.